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Hope you were holding one of those “hi mom/dad” banners.

No, I was just stood there looking pensive (about 1ft taller than everyone else at the rally…)

I hope not. If it is a remaster and not a reboot, it should stay the same. Skyim s the best game ever imo, it does not require anything else imo… except unofficial patches.

I don’t know, I thought it would be nice if they added a little extra…

But actually, I agree with you. I think it’s perfect (or near-perfect) as it is, so really it needs nothing else.

This song owns.

I agree this song is pretty neat. But Quinn isn’t this kind of the wrong thread to post music?


And we are live again! here at the Hitmanforum!


Yes, take my life again HMF!


Today i was out eating with my aunt and uncle, they took me a Burger joint called Burger Anarchy. Their burgers are more special then the average burger. Only using local ingredients of a very high standard. The burger patty was the most juicy and tasteful patty i have ever tasted. I would go so far and say that 90% of all the steaks i have consumed through my life didn’t have the same amount of taste and i have had some pretty good steaks and lots of them. This is without a doubt the best burger i have ever tasted.

Here is a picture of it

It’s not the most pretty burger, but the tast i second to non.


It´s named after Homer Simpson, can´t be bad.

the word ‘Excellent’ is not enough to describe this burger. If any one ever visits denmark, look for their restaurants.

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Lol didn’t notice that when reading his post first time.Maybe Mads really is Mads Mikkelsen :scream:

Jealous over here!!!
Curious though you ate your aunt and uncle…

Edit: you already caught that. Lol

Thank you, i was not about to spoil the meat. I took control of the kitchen and cooked the meat to perfection.

Don’t worry i would love to have you for dinner.

O a great cook never reveals his tricks, oh wait that is a magician. [quote=“Chef-assassin, post:1582, topic:112”]
Jealous over here!!!

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Did they serve Chianti?

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I would accept nothing less.

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Good luck, same old same old