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Todos somos Americanos. ¡Desde el norte hasta el sur!

I have the same issue with meat pie but only when I’m not feeling too well.

I’m a mushroom lover and their squishiness and chewiness are actually two of the many things I love about them. I’m even growing some myself now lol. :joy:

I can’t stand beetroots. To me they look scary taste scary and leave scary stains. :scream:

Do you play mushboom on your phone then? Lol :joy:

Sorry if I’m late to the party. Is No Man’s Sky going to be lawsuited by the ASA for false and misleading advertising? Is this for real?

Wrong thread. :thinking:

I’ve got that installed on my tablet actually. But I still prefer Super Mario because it has bouncier mushrooms. :joy:

God I’m getting weird…:sweat_smile:

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Yes that’s true

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Its over… Its done…

Today I finished my summer season work. Finally :smiley: I did 6 month of work every single night with no free day. Yup, every single night for 6 months at 22:00 till 07:00 I’ve been working.
Good reason for this decision is the money, I get payed a lot more. Its quite a sacrifice but I live by the idea that I need to work a lot in my youth and save as much as I can to have a stable life when I’ll get older.
If I’m going to get hired in the new place I already propose the same thing to the director. That I want to work with no free days and he told me that this is an excellent proposition.
But I also have a new idea. If I’m going to get the new job and I see that I am not tiered in the morning, I want to propose for a second job. Practically I want to work from 23:00 till 12:00 :smiley:
I want to try this for at least a year.


You’re a beary amazing burr @badeaguard! You sure are an excellent employee who truly deserves what he is given. Keep the awesome job!


Thank you :smiley: Well, I don’t know. I have a whole Hotel in my hands at night, lots of responsibility and I been doing this job for 7 years.
But the thing is, that in 9 hours that I’m at work, 4-5 I’m on the internet. I’m not doing anything hard. I have cleaning to do and water flowers and stuff like that. But besides that. Its a pretty easy job.
The only hard part is staying awake at night. But I really have no problem there considering I sleep at least 7 even 10 hours at home during the day.
Last year I felt down the stairs and twisted my foot. Nothing broken, But couldn’t walk, so I immediately called my boss from the hospital and told him what happen, then I added
"Look boss, I can come to work, just to stay at the reception and give clients the key and watch over the hotel from the desk, But I can’t do nothing else"
My boss was really happy that I came instead of staying home. I remember that he brought me Ice every night when I came to work and some medicine cream because I had my foot all blue.
Then at the end of the month, he gave me a bonus for coming to work in the condition I was.


Going to work with a valid reason for why many won’t go to their assigments? That is pretty much what responsible is. No doubt why your boss was so kind to you.

Pretty much my life in the rest biz. I worked like crazy for over 10 years nights weekends, caterings, weddings you name it. I also made many sacrifices missed a lot of birthdays, and family stuff but had to pay a price to win. I still work a lot but schedule is much better. Do it while your young and still can!!


That is my idea. My prime objective is to buy a house with less debts possible.
I have lots of friends who are telling me, even 40 years adults that I’m wasting my youth and that I will regret it. But not only for work, life in general. I like staying a lot at home and watch movie and play games.
Mostly this is a huge factor of why I can save a big portion of my salary. But then I get into an argument with them. I tell them my idea that I want at my 40 to not worry about saving up money and buy this that. I want to do all these things now.
I want to find myself at 40 years old in a very stable condition not worrying about money or having to pay a house mortgage from 0€
I want to enjoy later life. Of course the first thing they contradict me is with “you will miss a lot on pussy, girls, bla bla bla”

Example, I have my step dad who’s almost 60 years old. Can’t find a proper job and has absolutely a huge 0€ savings.
What did he did? He enjoyed life of course. I live in the terror and fear to find my self in the same position at that age, even because I see way to many kinds of these people.
And then you hear them say. Life is hard. Money is tight. I wish I could buy this and that but hey, I enjoyed life, I went there, I fucked this girl, that girl. I partied almost every night.
I really don’t want to find myself there


Simple the most intelligent man here. Action oriented, less bullshit more work. You will def win my friend.

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I didn’t know that countries in the Indian Ocean was part of the the American continent. The more you know.

I just wanted to take a moment and say I realized I like Hitman Codename 47’s soundtrack.

Thank you for understanding.

P.S. I think you can hear some parts of the main theme somewhere in blood money. The hotel in murder of crows maybe.

P.S.S. I think I’m in love with the main theme. Probably my most favorite soundtrack ever. Please gib Jesper kyd in hitman season 2.


I agree. It’s really great. I think his weakest soundtrack was probably in BM (although I still like it much more than what we have in Absolution and H6). The harbor theme is probably my favorite, talk about creating a tense atmosphere… something HITMAN is cruelly lacking.

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Jesper Kyd is the bomb. Maybe it’s just me but he hasn’t been as active lately - But when I met him in 2013 he said he was the busiest he’d ever been and was working on 5 games!

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This bomb exploded for me in 2007. I don’t like his works after this year.