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I agree with you about the buzz cut. I was thinking about going back to it too. I did it for years and it really does feel nice and it’s easy to maintain as well. Studliness comes from within! Lol


Happy Birthday!


Maybe i will visit soon Copenhagen. If i will, I would like to visit IOI studies to see where my favourite videogame was born. Is it possible? Are they open for visitors?


You could PM Travis - No harm in asking!

When are you planning on going?


Maybe in march. I still have to plan


Don’t forget to check this thread before you go. Maybe you can meet some HMF members too while you’re traveling. Pretty I remember a few members posting they live in the area.


Has anyone else got that feeling?

That Thursday HITMAN news/blogpost feeling?




Has anyone heard from @badeaguard??

EDIT: I’ve no idea where his hotel is actually


Well he was online 4 hours ago, so i don’t think he’s involved.


He lives one hour away from Milan as I recall it. Is this near that?


Doesn’t check out

Plus I recall him saying he lives in the North


Milan is far from there. He should be safe. Quake is again in the centre of Italy. This time snow and quake. A big tragedy


Might be more to come yet


I think you look better with the shaved head :+1::ok_hand:.


Don’t worry, I’m not there. I live here and thank you for worrying.


Badeaguard is gonna get fed up eventually. Every time there’s an accident or incident in Italy people keep asking about him :smiley:

I expect the same treatment any time something happens in England.


I’m glad you’re okay buddy, but what you said made me laugh just now for some reason. haha


Only if it concerns Bristol in your particular case. :wink:


@AGENT4T7 happy HMF anniversary!