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How do you know it was rape?

Didn’t look to be of the age of consent tbh

For those of you that remain uninformed:

Let’s get Larry to 100 likes!

Going on a road trip from Los Angeles to Portland in a couple days!! Gonna stop in San Francisco for lunch along the way and check out spots where they filmed episode 3 of star wars and Jurassic park in the redwoods. Then on the way to Portland, stopping by the beach where they filmed the Goonies!!! Then pub crawling in Portland!!! I’m so excited!! Lol gonna stop by the big foot gift shop near the boarder of California too! Haha


Sounds like a great trip! Be safe tho. You never know with bigfoot out there and all.

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Be sure to take some pics and post here

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Actually it didn’t take long to realize that you have to play with manual transmission to properly control the car.

It was really hard though


Anyone from the UK remember the Crystal Maze? After a one off special last year, Channel 4 properly recommisioned the programme, and it will have 20 episodes with Richard Ayoade as the new games master. I really am excited because I loved watching repeats of The Crystal Maze from when I was a kid.

Here is a trailer of the first episode, a celebrity special to be shown on Friday 23rd June at 9pm.

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Had to call an ambulance for a guy at the gym this evening. He somehow slipped and dropped some weights which unfortunately landed on his left hand bursting his left index and middle finger from the top knuckle. A lot of blood, a bit of bone. Don’t know how he didn’t pass out. Poor fella said he’s going on holiday on wednesday too.


I suppose that’s one way to feel the burn lol
Joking aside, that really sucks.

It could have been a lot worse though if say the weights would have fell on his chest or throat without a spotter.

Hope he has a good recovery, that must have hurt like a bitch.

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i know im not on here much anymore(not that i ever was) but just know that i love you all on here got some great memories xoxo

rip postaldude as well


Happy Cake Day M8 ,


thanks man u too. same day too, damn,

That sounds like you’re saying goodbye lol

Happy cake day btw @Heisenberg @Quinn

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You too Fiddy Ate

Fiddy Ate Cake


Grenfell Tower totally destroyed by fire. Seems the fire protection system was broken and fire alarms did not go off.

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Not posted for a very long time! I have not yet played the latest Hitman game, due to my gaming taking a back seat to family life and travelling and needing to update the PC.

I Recently visited the USA for the first time. I checked out yellowstone national park then spent some time in idaho, and wyoming. Overall I had a great experience and met some amazing people.

I just had to do a burger challenge at a place called big judds which featured on man vs food. I went for the 1lb burger and mound of fries but got defeated and could not finish it, picture below I am the one in the cap.

Nice to see some old names I remember still contributing to the forum. Hi to anyone who remembers me.


Nice burger @318838 !! If you go on anymore food excursions post them here!! Love to read about them.

Wait… that’s not a cake? :open_mouth:


I remember you, buddy! Glad to have you back on the forums. Mouth-watering burgers btw :wink:

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