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Doctors can also help with that

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That is not a vein, is a scar. I can do that pretty much myself


I must admit, I wonder myself if I may need to go bald at some point. My hair is definetly beginning to thin out, which is a little scary as I’m only 24. I can still get away with it if I grow my hair long, but I do worry that by the time I’m 30, the top of my head will be gone.


I’m using a hair trimmer without the palstic thing, so i think it is 1 mm and i’m very happy without hair, i really like it, so if your hair starts to thin out it might be better to remove it all and besides if you don’t like it, it will grow out again and it grows out pretty fast :smiley:.


You’ve been stuck at this crossroad for a little while. Trust me, shaving it off will have no effect on how others see you regardless of how you judge the look in the mirror. Whether it’s family and friends who’ve known you forever or the cute girl you meet tomorrow. Not sure what your social/dating life is like right now but I assure you, it will not take a hit. (I’m guessing that’s the main conern in your dilemma).

No paying for hair cuts.
No checking your hair on a windy day.
No morning hassle of getting it to look right.
No “hat head” when you remove a hat or cap.
The list goes on.

Yeah, I’m thinking another mouse encounter should do the trick. :joy:


@Sean_Leary, did you change your avatar? Or maybe I just never clicked on it to see it better. In any case, if that’s you in the pick, that mug should be getting posted in the The Forum Gallery V3


That’s Marlo Stanfield!


Ah. :+1:

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To be honest, it’s more about me not wanting to feel older really. I guess in my head, I see baldness as something that occurs when you get past 35, not at 24. Silly mindset I know. And like I say, I can get away with it so far at the moment, I just wonder how much longer I can get away with it. It’s not too bad, it’s just definetly thinning.


I really need dual monitors…



Just got back from my trip to the UK. @Quinn was the fucking man and showed me around the city and surrounding area. We watched some bands plays and ate a bunch of top tier food. Falafel King for the win!

We watched the new Blade Runner movie too which was ace. Definately in my top 10 movies of all time.

Best moment of the trip tho, that’d be seeing Glastonbury with all its occult and hippie shops. We decided to go to the top of the Tor and on the way there we walked into this small haven called White Springs. “Welcome friend, let the temple embrace you”
To my big surprise there were naked people bathing in there. Just 10/10 man

Here’s a few pics of the place to give a general vibe

So yeah, big props to Quinny mate for the generous tour and accommodation. <3


It was my pleasure bro! Gad you enjoyed the UK. I had a blast. Cheers for all the food and music reccomendations! Will try to make my way out to CPH again next Summer…


This isn’t necessarily new, about a month ago I found out that I can’t comment on @MrFreeze2244’s streams or videos, so I asked my man @RookieAgent47 to see what’s the problem, freeze told him that I was banned
this is pretty confusing, he just banned me out of nowhere, I have absolutely no idea why he dis that, strange.

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Did you miss the thread there was about him a few months back


I wasn’t a member then and it’s closed now


You don’t have to do much before you will be banned, in fact he bans people who is inactive:


so don’t worry about it, the only thing i will say without starting to insult him is that @MrFreeze2244 is not a nice person, so don’t let this ban hurt your feelings.


What is that app/site


I don’t know, maybe Discord?

You can read more about it here:


Looks like Discord, something the cool kids use who are too young for IRC.

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If you need walkthroughs for F.C or pro mode ect ect. BADABOOOOM is one of the best imo I’ll see if I can post a link to his channel asap.