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By “common signs of it in text”, I meant it as in “the text form of sarcasm”, not sarcasm as a whole. Of course the same signs you use to identify sarcasm in real life do not exist in text.

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I don’t know about it man. 🤷

DAMN I got bamboozled in another thread my bad, I’ll keep my elitist “don’t need /s” ass mouth shut, that shit is embarrassing.

I’m gonna go into training for a few years, out in the wilderness where I can hone my sarcasm detection skills so that when I return I can be as much of an elitist asshole as I’d like

See yous later


Dunno where to post this but can the people from who their avatar disappeared please upload it again? I don’t know who’s who anymore. :disappointed_relieved:


Well it’s my 1 year anniversary on this Forum today, happy anniversary to myself I guess


Happy cake day! There’s a thread for that though.


6 People were killed today in a train accident in Denmark.

My girlfriend’s best friend’s father was in the train carriage that got hit by the Container. He wasn’t harmed, but had to do CPR. From what he’s told his daughter, the scene that meet him was more graphic then scenes from Game of Thrones.


After rage quitting for like a year, I finally finished the single player Campagin of Wolfenstein 2: The New Collusus - turns out the bit I was annoyed at was the final boss fight. The whole time I was just a couple of doors away from the most amazing blood, boobs and guns cutscene ever.

I briefly thought about starting a discussion in the thread we have here… then I figured since it’s been dead a year and I know what kind of shenanigans it will bring… I’ll wait.


I should play this game :thinking:

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An update regarding the fire that destroyed my band’s rehearsal space/equipment:

The building is still under 24 hour guard by the Police as it is condemned and structurally unsafe. One of my bandmates was allowed inside under escort to look at the remains of our room and take some photos, but he wasn’t allowed to take anything from the debris. Not that it matters, because barely anything is recognisable and nothing is salvageable. Seeing the photos was like having a band-aid pulled off. I knew it was all gone, but actually see my cherished Stingray Bass and Ampeg rig burnt to a crisp, I could have done without that. That was an oof moment for sure.

However, from the ashes of despair comes hope because there are positive developments too. A local venue is hosting a fundraiser show later this month, with all proceeds going to us and the other affected musicians who used the room. We’ve even managed to secure a pretty well known headliner to do a DJ set which is excellent - But i’m not going to name any names until it is 100% confirmed and announced by the venue (Which should be on Monday).

Also, I’ve mentioned my Noisecore band a few times in this thread. We’ve managed to pillage, plunder and borrow enough equipment to be able to start rehearsing again in a different place and are going to be playing at the show too. We only formed six months ago and have a mere handful of songs. We totally aren’t ready to be performing live yet but fuck it. The time has come to unleash our ungodly racket on the world. It’s going to be the angriest 20 minutes of music EVER. All of our shit got burned, we’re done being sad and now we’re just straight up PISSED OFF. We will probably cause most of the audience to recoil in abject horror, but who cares.

Unfortunately my main band won’t be performing as the equipment we lost was a lot more integral to our sound and performance. Two large pedalboards full of effects and several synths would make it a lot harder to slap a set together on borrowed equipment. I suspect we will be out of commission for quite some time. My Noisecore band, however, requires a lot less finesse, heh.

While this situation completely sucks and sent me into a spiral of depression over the last few weeks, i’m extremely touched by all of the support we’ve received from the music community in my city. It’s very close knit, everyone is at least acquainted and we’ve had lots of offers of help - From lending us gear to opening rehearsal spaces and organizing fundraisers, or just offering moral support. It’s really been lovely.


Oh my god, that’s awful! I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Very glad everyone is okay at least. Do you happen to have the photos of the damage your friend took? (It’s totally fine if you don’t want to share them, i’d understand) But that’s fantastic though that you have a lot of people willing to help out for the time being, I hope everything works out for you and your friends.

Thank you. Yes, the main thing is nobody was hurt. We can rebuild what was lost but it’ll take some time. My life revolves around music so this has been a bit of a blow.

I’m feeling more optimistic now though and excited to cause some utter carnage in a few weeks!


I made my first American tip! I never seen dollars before.
We have some American Venezuelan clients and a couple of minutes ago I helped with the bags for a chekout.
The lady I assisted apologies for not having European currency and gave me a 10 dollar bill. I was super happy and told her I’m going to keep this one as a memory. And I am really going to do so.



Ultra Ultra, the company of former IOI devs, filed for bankruptcy. They made the game ECHO. @Purist



Hah ha ha! Silly Americans and their paper currency and their overly flattering portraits of freedom fighters.

Had to write some new music in time for our show, so we churned this masterpiece out today. Enjoy it.


My vice director send me a friend request on facebook. I can’t shitpost anymore :sob:

Then there is a coworker who seems to be hitting on me. From one part I’m happy there is someone interested in me and finally some one much older than me, but from the other part I’m not really that happy because it’s a man.


I can’t stop thinking about The Millenium Clock. It was built in the year 2000 for the National Museum of Scotland, and it is about the atrocities of the 20th century. It has figures of Hitler and Stalin hidden in it, and 12 figures each suffering a different brutality to represent crimes of humanity for each calender month. The spire has a woman holding a dead body at the top.

It is certainly one of the most horrifying things to watch in person. I saw it first as a kid and it has always stuck with me.


What a charming and unique way of telling time


What’s up with the system deleting all my pictures from previous posts?

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