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I am on the toilet looking at HMF I guess that’s new.

not all hero’s wear capes


Is that what they mean by “shit posting?” :joy:


Am I the only one who poops in 5 minutes and don’t need a phone with him?

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Is this what’s the :poop: now?

Hemorrhoids incoming in 3, 2 …


Guys please help if somebody knows about this issue?Trailer.bik in game's folder,no way to get to see in PC version of the game?

Don’t you hate it when you are talking to someone and then an interruption happens and you forget what you are going to say next and it bugs you? Cause I was talking to my brother about JFK (they were talking about the 60s on ABC) and my mum interrupted me to ask for my brother to save his sauce containers.

Then my mum and dad talked about a speed trap and all it did was render me completely unable to think straight. Like fuck me it is annoying.


I’m autistic and that is occasionally a serious problem so I do know what you mean. The brain has decided on a course of action and the environment conspires leading to a difficult mental position.


Context on the situation, I can view HITMAN Forum on my Apple Watch so yes I had my phone on me, but no I wasn’t using it.

Well it took me 2 years longer than I had anticipated, but I’m finally in the Post-Secondary program I want. Performance Acting -Theatre. Yaaay!! :star_struck:

(a lot of teachers warn that there’s a lot more work than the Prep course I did last year, but I think I can stick it out and do… mostly fine)


If you’ve got an hour to kill, a Youtuber called Critical Nobody has made an hour long video looking at every Hitman game. Pretty good stuff, nice to hear his thoughts on the franchise.


Well I just bricked my ps4 trying to clean out the dust, did something to the power supply and now it won’t turn on anymore. Oops. No current-gen Hitman or anything I guess for the time being, reverting back to my 360. RIP


I bought mine a unicorn for her birthday. She really loves it.


Feels like the older I get, the harder I go when performing live. Gonna give myself neck problems in later life


Hi everyone, I just got this for talking to discobot.New%20user%20tutorial%20completion%20certificate

Now I need to do a tutorial on getting me a profile pic…


Sorry, I didn’t mean to reply to your message directly

If I go to the toilet without my phone it feels weird :joy::joy:


Jesper Kyd has done the soundtracks for Borderlands 1, 2 and The Pre-Sequel, and will be contirbuting some of the soundtrack for Borderlands 3. He gives an interview about it on the Borderlands website, with a snip it of one of the tracks in BL3.

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Got a contract in Aarhus, checking in to my hotel to prepare.


The menu for that place looks safe, you’ll have to go elsewhere for your pizza. :smiley: