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Y’all should have listened to Ed Snowden. The time to act was 2013.

2001 is when these programs were authorized, to assist on the War on Terror. Then ‘national security’ became the sticker that could be slapped onto any inhumane practise and the greater good became the justification for anything they wanted to do. We don’t need to know @doom-generation’s pornographic proclivities to know if he’s a threat to national security, nor do we need to know someone’s favourite brand of pants.

What did you do?

Learned about encryption and digital security,got a paid VPN, went to Uni to study computer science and campaigned for digital privacy rights. This was my One Big Issue back in 2013 - 2014.

Talking about digital privacy in 2013 Britain was like yelling into a void though. Nobody cared, and even now people only care about the targeted ads and not the fact we have given our intelligence services the most invasive framework for mass surveillance in the Western world.

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Don’t forget outsourcing the data storage to foreign countries :slight_smile: I’ve got a VPN too, don’t feel any safer for it though.

That’s why you gotta use NordVPN. They’re headquartered in Panama so they don’t have to abide by any data retention laws. They couldn’t turn over any of your data even if they were asked to.

But if that’s the case, then what prevents them from using the data however they chose? Like selling to non-governmental parties?

They keep absolutely no records of anything you do online - That’s why they are headquartered in Panama, because it has no data retention law that requires them to keep data for X number of days.

Just realized it’s my fourth month at my new job already…time flies :woman_astronaut:t2::rocket::face_with_monocle::joy:

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… when you having fun ©

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What a hero.

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Didn’t claim to be a hero, just felt strongly about the issue and wanted to do anything I could for a time.

I never said you did :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Today I took part in a party with my girlfriend’s German side of the family. Even though my German isn’t developed well enough for me to hold a conversation, it was fun and rather interesting. Especially when it comes to eating and it was easy to spot the cultural difference, even though they both live close to the border.

Danes talk lively while eating and there is rarely a moment of silence at gatherings involving food and staying at the dinner table while eating can easily be a half / all day event.

Where from what I have gathered through my time with my girlfriend is that the Germans have another approach to this. You eat and you get out, talking is spares. There where moments where there was complete silence and I began to feel uncomfortable, why isn’t anyone talking? everybody should be talking. Also the hole eating affair was brief, the German side was long gone from the dinner table while the few Danes at the party was still eating and talking.

They came back when it was time for cake and coffee, Danes would just stay in place. It felt very alien to me and it’s the same I experience when eating at a Restaurant in Germany, we stay for hours on end and Germans are in and out faster then we can eat our meal.

I find it deeply fascinating that even though we are so close to each other, the cultural norms are very different. Luckily my father in law, knows this well since he’s part of the German Danish minority.


Thanks for this info, might come in handy :sweat_smile:


I am trying to insert myself into this conversation without using the word Italian. I can’t do it because I am a terrible person.

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This seems very weird to me as well; Jews can’t stop talking at the table.


No wonder you two didn’t get along.

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What? The fuck are you on about

I like my uncle and his extended family. They are all Italian but they never talk at all. When we visit my uncle sequesters himself in his office or his wine press and we barely see him at all.

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