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Eh, it’s a lot of people’s fault. I know he was dissatisfied with the finished film, but David Fincher was also unhappy with Alien 3 (Which in my opinion is way better than people give it credit for).

I just don’t think he was the right guy to write an Alien film. He’s got a very specific way of writing characters. They’re often sharp and witty and that came through waaaay too prominently in the way people behaved in the fIlm.

Point taken. Still- you should check out some of his other stuff. Dr. Horrible is especially amusing if you like musical comedy. Plus, seeing Nathan Fillion singing is just great. xD

How did I forget SHIELD??!! And Agent Carter is coming along very nicely.

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I have no idea, but SHIELD is a fun little romp. Haven’t seen Agent Carter yet.

It does not disappoint.

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A friendly reminder about the existence of this thread:

I posted about the wire in here because no one goes there

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I thought both Avengers films were great. I’m a comic nerd though lol.

I didn’t really feel anything when watching them. They were sort of soulless and that’s what bothered me. I’m finding that rings true for me wit has a lot of Superhero themed films lately.

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Well each to their own, taste varies after all. I enjoy the shared universe the films have built up and watching my favorite characters on the big screen. It’s enough for me.

Whatever floats your boat! I think there’s scope for individual films, I really enjoyed The Winter Soldier in particular - I just find it to get a bit too messy when they start adding other characters.

I see where you’re coming from, and I agree with you if you look at the Avengers as an individual movie on it’s own with no frame of reference, but I disagree on the whole as a series of films.

Much like the comic books the individual movies are for the characters themselves and getting to know what this person is like and what they are capable off. While the Avenger films/comics are seeing those same characters you now already know, put into a team with one another and seeing how they interact and what they can do when they work as a team. So prior knowledge is necessary for the full enjoyment yes, and if you don’t have that it can be quite messy. It would be like watching Return of the Jedi without first watching the other two films.

Anyway most of the characters will probably die in the upcoming infinity war :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys! How are you? I solved my “crash issue” and I’m FINALLY playing Hitman!
I was absent on this forum so much…


Congratulations, hope you enjoy the game

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Yeah, I think for me personally it’s a case of “too many cooks” with all the crossovers and shared universe - The first two Batman films by Christopher Nolan are some of my favourite Superhero films, and that’s partly because I like the idea of Batman existing in his own universe, without other DC characters, where the concept of a superhero is something that’s alien and downright bizarre to the other characters in the film. Rather than making a comic book movie, they’re making a Batman movie.

I also think Superheroes are somewhat like modern day Greek gods - Their stories are written, told and appreciated by millions of people and they breed a fan culture that feels a connection with them and an understanding of how they are as characters. I feel like they belong to the public, in a way. They transcend being owned by a company and are instead owned by all of us. That’s why it’s slightly weird to me to see one studio have the sole rights to make movies based off either the DC or Marvel universe entirely, when some of the best superhero films have come from bucking that trend. Either way, I hope to see Batman being reinvented in lots of different ways in the future :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! Hopefully @Fegelein has also got his problems sorted now, too. Sucks to hear about people not being able to play the game.


Sorry to go off topic here.
Did you not like the dark knight rises? I think it’s the best of the three. Tom Hardy’s Bane was insanely good.

No, sadly I was tremendously disappointed with it. Tom Hardly played Bane rather well but I just felt like the movie was way too convoluted for its own good - It sort of falls apart at the seams when you really think about it.

Of course it was convoluted, the movie was an end to the trilogy and it was 2,5 hours long. Where exactly do you think it falls apart?

is that a funny placed typo?

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Haha, no - I mean, he played Bane rather well. As in he did a good job portraying Bane. I just don’t think it was enough to save the movie.

It needed to be long and it needed to be epic, but it could do both without being too confusing and convoluted for its own good.

Eh, there was just a lot of weak plotpoints that barely held together by a thread and seemed to be written for convenience sake to set up later conditions and values. The biggest of all being that only one guy in the world is capable of activating and defusing this certain type of bomb - So they publicly execute him in front of everyone. It’s just a lazy, far too convenient way of saying “the bomb can’t possibly be defused and it WILL blow up”, leading to what we know happens at the end with the bomb being flown out of Gotham and detonating on the horizon.

Also, “Surprise, I’m Tahlia Al Ghul!”. By that point things had gotten so twisted that I really didn’t care.

I also think the combat choreography was generally quite bad. So many shots were left in of people randomly falling over without any contact, and there were lots of extras during the mass brawl who were doing a very unconvincing job of pushing each other around. Just my two cents.

You wrote his name as Tom Hardly. That’s what I meant with funny placed typo.

Well, I think it was really good. The whole Bane story might contribute heavily to my opinion though. I love Tom Hardy as Bane. Didn’t find it confusing tbh and I think that stadium scene where the bomb guy gets executed is one of the most powerful scenes in recent cinema.