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I go back to work today since November 3rd. I’m excited despite being there for 2 hours. I’ll be working off and on until April in which I start working again everyday until again November.

Me too, I - oh… :frowning:


My probation period at my „new“ job ended at the end of November (6 months) but now I finally got the written confirmation :grin:

Time flies by…also almost half a year being with my boo @Fortheseven :heart:

Had my first Hitman stream on Twitch recently and had great fun (aside from the nervousness lol)…might stream a bit more in the future :woman_technologist:t2:


6 months hype <3


Happy nearly a year anniversary @Club47 and @Fortheseven! :smiley: What missions did you stream on twitch? :open_mouth:


Half a year but still :blush:

I was streaming Roulette Rival tournament - playing main missions against an opponent using Kotti‘s Hitman roulette online generator (Check the Speedrun Community thread here on HMF for more info)

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I shall check it out! Is the stream archived somewhere or is it private?

I didn’t save my first stream but @Fortheseven shoutcasted it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/534848435?t=14309s

Latest match vs David Strong on my Twitch (my POV only ofc): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/536298918?t=346s

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Okay I don’t really know what any of that means but I’ll take a look and I’m sure it’ll be self-explanatory! :smiley:

The links she posted are stream archives of her matches in Hitman Roulette Rivals.

Trailer about what it is:

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Thank you :smiley: God I’ve missed that Blood Money music…

You did it! That was close :smile: how did it feel to win your first competition?

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Hahaha dont worry, I’m a low tier trash fan too :stuck_out_tongue:
… they better invite me to the Codename 47 HD Remaster Announcement, or else… I’m going to cry like a little girl :cry::cry::cry:


We’re not elite fans like Quinn, Fortheseven, and Mads :smile: hey, didn’t I see a thread about a C47 remaster?

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i just wish it be a official one, created by IO Staff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess there’s not the money in it :confused: maybe after the conclusion of Hitman 3?

I mean after that they will be focusing on that new IP, and then they need to remake Freedom Fighters. So it will be a while until C47 is remade if at all.

What is the new IP? It’s non-Hitman related, right?

I dunno it’s place holder name is children of something.

There is literally nothing known about it except a zoom in on something in a video that has a clue about “Children of 2044” or something I cant remember, but the point is that IO has confirmed that they got greenlit from WB to create a brand new IP, other than that we know nothing official about it.