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Half a year but still :blush:

I was streaming Roulette Rival tournament - playing main missions against an opponent using Kotti‘s Hitman roulette online generator (Check the Speedrun Community thread here on HMF for more info)

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I shall check it out! Is the stream archived somewhere or is it private?

I didn’t save my first stream but @Fortheseven shoutcasted it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/534848435?t=14309s

Latest match vs David Strong on my Twitch (my POV only ofc): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/536298918?t=346s

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Okay I don’t really know what any of that means but I’ll take a look and I’m sure it’ll be self-explanatory! :smiley:

The links she posted are stream archives of her matches in Hitman Roulette Rivals.

Trailer about what it is:

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Thank you :smiley: God I’ve missed that Blood Money music…

You did it! That was close :smile: how did it feel to win your first competition?

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Hahaha dont worry, I’m a low tier trash fan too :stuck_out_tongue:
… they better invite me to the Codename 47 HD Remaster Announcement, or else… I’m going to cry like a little girl :cry::cry::cry:


We’re not elite fans like Quinn, Fortheseven, and Mads :smile: hey, didn’t I see a thread about a C47 remaster?

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i just wish it be a official one, created by IO Staff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess there’s not the money in it :confused: maybe after the conclusion of Hitman 3?

I mean after that they will be focusing on that new IP, and then they need to remake Freedom Fighters. So it will be a while until C47 is remade if at all.

What is the new IP? It’s non-Hitman related, right?

I dunno it’s place holder name is children of something.

There is literally nothing known about it except a zoom in on something in a video that has a clue about “Children of 2044” or something I cant remember, but the point is that IO has confirmed that they got greenlit from WB to create a brand new IP, other than that we know nothing official about it.

I won the first, lost the second match - but regardless I had fun participating :smile:

Ugh, I bet those children don’t appreciate all the technology they have :roll_eyes: back in my day, we didn’t have self-piloting space shuttles! We had to do it ourselves!

Yeah I saw, I watched both links! I did skip the retries though, I’ll admit :smile: but if you had fun, that’s all that really matters! You and Fortheseven have got the maps and all their features down to a science, talking about who’s better in certain levels and all that. I play the game without that level of study, but I guess you need it if you’re going to compete!

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I played quite a few Sonko contracts…for these you need a lot of patience and a good knowledge of the maps. I highly recommend them :slightly_smiling_face:


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Because its a great game, and they retained the rights to it for a reason, and it deserves a second life.

I think IO should be focusing on expanding the games they develop so they aren’t completely tied to the HITMAN series. It would be good if they had a handful of IP’s to work with and make games for. So when the love for HITMAN dies or gets over saturated they can move over to other games and still make some money in the off years.

They retained the rights to Freedom Fighters for a reason, they should use it. If they were just going to let it die they could have let Square keep it, because Square would have absolutely let it die if they had.

Not saying they need to make one this or next year, but they absolutely need to use the properties they have.