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You guys are the best. I had a blast. Would be down for another meetup as well!


I really had a great weekend with you guys @Quinn, @JohnnyDrama and @Pissfloyd. Sadly i didn’t get the chance to drink with Floyd. The Trip to IO was very cool, even though it was brief. But we got to see the new building and it was much bigger then i expected it to be.

Also one does not go to IO without leaving with some merch!

@Travis_IOI was kind enough to give us the Class LP

and later @Morten_IOI hit us guys up through a PM and said he had some old stuff we could share! So i made it off with the Absolution spoon and a jacket. So we meet with Morten in person on a parking lot close to our hotel, doing some shady exchange.

Thanks to both Travis and Morten for having the time to see us :slight_smile:


Sounds like you guys had an awesome time! Nice one.

Meanwhile I’ve just finished four night shifts. Fell asleep on the bus on the way over to my parents and got woken up by an old lady patting me on the leg and asking me if I was okay! After looking after elderly people all week it seemed like a nice turn around. Old people rule. Mum made me a bacon sandwich then dropped me home and I just woke up from a nice nap.

Good times.


http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Commander_Denulth Listen to the transcript on this wiki. Was David Bateson in Runescape?


I live in an apartment, and right now I can hear the music from the HITMAN menu directly above me.

My neighbor has good taste :slight_smile:


Retaking my drivers license today due to speeding. Hopefully i dont get some bitter old man to judge the test…


Wonder where is @Aybro ? Havent seen him for a while.
Also is @BossThundero Aight? Havent seen his Joyful posts. Hope he is Alright.


I miss Thundero’s positive atmosphere. The forum is bleaker without him.


Thought I hadn’t seen them in a while. Same for @Lewisnic1 - He hardly posts these days so it was nice to see him again recently. Also, @Wakanda hasn’t posted much lately either, though I know he’s been lurking. Post more buddy!


I think he comes on discord regularly.
@Wakanda i mean


I am so sorry everyone!:cry: I sincerely apologise for not being here for the last month or so. I am sooooooo sorry for not telling you where I’ve been or doing and why I have not been active for so long. I am sorry once more because I this is probably my last message until June when I will return to this forum and be part of the Hitman Family once more. Once again I am really really sorry that I have been gone for so long with telling anyone! Thanks you to everyone for being concerned about me [quote=“KrugerSchmidts, post:3459, topic:112”]
Also is @BossThundero Aight?

I am very very sorry that I will be coming back to the forum in June(this year :smile:) but guys don’t worry. When I’m back… I’m gonna be back with style.


After a full stretched out year, I finally got Hitman.
Man, the visuals are amazing(first time I watched this game run at 1080p/60fps, I have always watched it at 360p, sometimes 480p on Youtube lol)
I remember way back in January of 2016 I bought the Hitman collection for PC, became a hardcore hitman fan in a week or two, and got so happy when I heard a new Hitman was going to be released in the following month. I couldn’t get it because I didn’t have any console or a strong PC. I just watched gameplay videos daily to fill my dose of Hitman gameplay. I was so obsessed with 47 and his walking style in this game, I walked just like that in my school and everyone thought I was weird but those were literally the best days of my life.
I always wanted to express my love for this franchise since the first day I joined the forum(I joined this forum in July) but couldn’t do it for some reason I have no idea of


So I just moved to a new apartment and had to choose a new name for my network…


Would I.C.A Networks been more fitting or I.A.G.O networks xD


Password: HotAgentClone47inch


My father has a neighbor who was his wifi named “fuck you pay your shit” and another one that says “BJs4wifiphone number”. And my mom has one that says “JESUS IS THE SAVIOUR”. All,in spanish of course. Lol at wifi names.


I saw one called “BITCH, GET OF MAH SHEEEIT” which was pretty funny. Also, NSA Drone 22. That was the inspiration for my wifi network name which is a variant of “GCHQ surveillance van”.


This franchise is totally going to die. Nobody is ever going to buy a copy of any Hitman game ever again. I’m serious. Not one copy. I’m looking at stats now, and nobody is playing Hitman.



Haha if you’re ever worried about someone using your wifi, just name it “FBI Van 2.0”

Nobody will touch it :relieved:


Be careful, last year I named my wifi after the local police service and they came to my house and made me change it.

So I changed it to “Mom Click Here for Internet” and all was well