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And to think certain world leaders deny climate change exists…


Hi guys! Im currently on vacation, visiting Japan!

Thought it would be fitting to share the fact that I had my first fugu fish, Here on HF

Will be back soon!


Not if 47 prepared that dish :laughing:


So apparently hitman 6 got cracked by cpy so people can now pirate it.

Wonder how the unlock system works in there. Or whether they can replay the elusives.


??? Are you telling me, that after all this time the game was not available on the black barket, even offline only? I can hardly believe this.


Hitman uses denuvo and denuvo has been hard to crack.

So yeah it hasn’t been that long since it finally got cracked. I just don’t know how the unlock system for them works

And there is no black market. You buy stuff at a market not download them for free. In the piracy scene is a more accurate thing I suppose


Just nabbed a 700ml today. My god this is so much better than Chivas & Drambuie there’s no terrible after taste.


It’s definitely a favourite. Regretfully I’ve gone with Johnny Walker Red Label this week which I wouldn’t really recommend too much. I’ll go back to Jameson’s when I fancy another tipple I think.


First time in years i threw a tantrum while playing any game, while playing BF1 tonight i got so pist off i had to break something. Years ago it was rare that i got so angry that i felt the need to break stuff, like punching my screen or slamming my fist on the table in anger. But it happened and on my old screen you can see an imprint of my right hand. Also my old school laptop plastic cover is more or less broken from physical abuse. It’s slow and it is my number one reason for ever getting that angry that i try to break stuff.

So after having a half bad round in BF, normally i don’t have bad rounds. For me a bad round is me having a 10 /6 KD ratio, and extremely bad is it being a tie or minus KD.

However if you play with DX12 in BF1, the Esc menu becomes so slow that you can’t do anything for 10 - 30 sec, after pressing the button. Rendering you a big fucking target on the battlefield, that can’t move or counter enemies. You can’t even press options, quite and all that would exist in the Esc menu. So after that shitty menu costed me two deaths, because i wanted to switch team to play with my friend. I had meltdown, something i thought i didn’t get anymore.

So while playing i began yelling, threw my headset and picked up my chair and slammed it to the floor, twice and punched a wall. When the round ended, i pressed ALT F4 to instant quit the game (which you can’t…takes 10-30 sec) i pulled the PC power cord in anger instead.

Positive things to take out of this childish show of power of not being in control

  • My expensive Sennheiser headset landed in a soft couch.
  • My table is not going to break because i punch it.
  • My brik wall is tough and don’t break from a couple of punches.
  • My chair did not break from being slammed into the floor.
  • I did not break my monitor, PC or any other valuable things.

Now i’m happy again and laughing at myself.


Humans are adorable #13. :joy:

I struggled for ages to get my BF4 KD up passed 1.0 cuz I started out such a noob. It was not pretty. That was almost the only reason I played was to get that ugly stat off my screen. Eventually I actually started to have fun.


I had fun with BF1 from day one, my overall KD ratio is close to 3. But it really takes time to get it to rise, probably could have a much higher one, if i created a new account, but then all my progress and skins would be lost. But then again when you used over 231 hours playing the multiplayer, you should have increased your skills to some degree.


Nice! I’ll likely check the game out when I get a new console proly this summer. BF is one of those games you can pick up and play to kill a few minutes or waste a few hours and it’s just as fun either way.


Bizarrely enough it was always single player games that would get me frustrated - Competitive multiplayer never really got under my skin. I think the thing that used to frustrate me was never making any progress and that’s not something that happens in online games with no narrative or campaign etc. I’ve been playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege lately and even when our team gets completely whitewashed I normally just tut or sigh.

I grew out of the “throwing set over a video game” thong in my teens though…


I didn’t figure you to be one to get mad/angry.

I don’t think I’ve ever done the whole “throw the controller” thing. If anything i’ll just get annoyed and ALT+F4 / rage quit.


I cry and go into a self reflective depression for 2 weeks if I get a UAV in a care package, but maybe that’s just me.


Normally I’m very calm and in control, well especially the last couple of years. I do get annoyed from playing, but I can normally shake it off. Like I said this was the first time in years I got that pist off, that I needed to act out my frustration. I can easily handle having a bad round, even if it annoys me. But having to deal with a slow and unresponsive Esc menu, that costs me a couple of stupid deaths, that normally wouldn’t not have happened, can easily trick my anger. So I have some self control, which I did not have years ago.

I expect things to be as smooth and fast as my good gaming pc and i don’t accept if it takes 30 sec for a thing to load or even open up. Enter my school laptop, very slow and it always got me worked up. Luckily I don’t have a use for it anymore and been planning it’s demis for years now. Which involves an axe.

I got it in me to get very mad and so does my brother, father and his brothers. And our anger is always triggered out of annoyance. But it’s a rare occasion, and I was able to divert my anger onto my chair and other sturdy things and away from things I know I can break.

Sadly you can’t do that in BF1, it takes 10-30 sec for it to exit the game. One does not simply quit BF1. The game itself is smooth, but menus are slow and crappy designed. Especially with DX12.


He’s the angriest guy I know, Mad Mads. Rumour is he set off the fire alarm at IO because he failed to get SA on an elusive


So apparently you need a visa to enter the USA even if all you wish to do is perform a connection flight on an international airport. My stepdad just missed two flights today because nobody told him about this.


At the very least, people need to do an ESTA - Pretty sure that applies even if in transit through the USA.


That was the one he needed, because his nationality is one within the 38 that esta covers. Still, nobody told him nothing. I think the person who sold him the flight ticket should lose his/her job for not warning him about that.