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If he bought it through a travel agent, they’re supposed to tell you (or do it for you). If he bought it online it’s usually mentioned in the smallprint somewhere.


Travel agent. Even worse because their software is supposed to warn you about stuff like that, and show the requirements on the ticket itself. None of that happened. Or so they will say I guess.

One thing he just told me is that this was not necessary several years back when he did similar transfer flights also by the usa. I guess this is somewhat recent, or he hasnt gone to the usa in a long time. Either way, I can see why would they wish to ask for a visa for everyone that enters just to have a bigger database of people on their airports. You never know what kind of traffic or activities people in there may be able to perform. And as to those 38 nationalities the process is actually somewhat easy. Still, someone should lose their job.

On the other hand, “international” airports are international territories, it is right there in the god damned name, asking for a visa, in spite that I have already recognized its use for the usa government, seems excessive for a traveler to have to do.


Not sure where to post this (there’s no general video thread or anything) but I liked it, and thought it was informative and smart. Would recommend.


Clocks went forward in the UK this morning. I thought it seemed too bright for 7pm. Gonna be walking home from work in the dark tomorrow morning. Hmph.


Aye, i keep thinking it is earlier than it is. The sun is shining directly into my PC screen at 7pm… feels good man.


I just had the opposite experience. I worked a 5am-2pm shift yesterday (usually work mid or evening shifts). Took a smoke break at 7am and it was still pitch black outside. So weird. Then taking my “lunch” at 10am??? It just seemed so odd. But the good news, McDonald’s was still serving breakfast so I got to have my steak-egg-cheese-and sauteed onions on an english muffin!!! Damn, I love those!


Just formatted my PC for the first time since i build it last summer, it was time to wipe it clean. Normally i would have formatted it 3-4 times by now. I have always formatted my main drive once every 3 month to keep it at top efficiency. But this time it almost took me a year. This time i also wiped my two other drivers D and E. Where i normally store files like pictures, videos and documents. Saved the important files on a USB before doing so.

But even though i have done this a number of times i ran into a problem. This time i decided to create a Boot USB for the installation of Windows 10, used Windows 10 Media creating tool to make a USB to boot with. So yesterday it began doing the work and got ready to wipe every drive. After everything was deleted it began the installation, and after reaching 20%, Windows decided that the Boot USB was not good enough and then it had the nerve to tell me “Installation error”. So there is sit, with no Windows 10 DVD and a USB that don’t want to finish the job and a PC without a System!

So i had to ask a friend that lived nearby if he had Windows 10 disc, he did not. Then i talked with another friend, he told me that his father had one of his Windows 10 DVDs and told me that he would call him and ask if i could borrow it. So around 22 in the evening i drove to his childhood home and borrowed the DVD and returned home and installed Windows. Which why it’s possible for me to create this post.


I usally do the same, but it’s so much to install again, so i bought a new laptop and i will use the pre-installed recovery system when i will do a fresh install, clean install is best if you want to remove all the bloatware and i have done it with all my previous laptop, but not this one.
Lucky you had the chance to borrow a windows DVD, i don’t think win 10 is free anymore?


With medication, why is it that taking two pills of a smaller dose doesn’t have the same impact as taking one pill with an equal dose? For example, taking two 18mg pills doesn’t have the same impact as a single 36mg pill. Any chemists able to provide some insight?

@KrugerSchmidts I know you work in a lab but I am not sure if what you do is chemistry based or not.


I do own Windows 10 key, but no DVD. So i wanted to use USB as boot device, but apparently it did not work as intetned. So i’ll create a ISO file from the Windows Media creation tool and burn it to a DVD. I did have a old Windows 8.1 dvd at my parents house, but i didn’t want to install Win 8 and then install win 10 through it.


Upgrading can be a mess :smiley:, in my previous laptop, when i wanted win 10 instead of wind 8 i did a wipe and clean install of win 10 :smiley:.


Never clean installed my laptops before, might do it when i buy a Gamer Laptop. It’s easier to transport a laptop if you are going to a friends house, instead of the hole rig. But maybe you should follow my example and formatte your laptop! but be sure that what ever you choose to boot with works :wink:


I forgot that sometines to change the boot sequence or choose press F12 for boot from DVD/USB in the boot menu and yes i always format the hard drive when i do a clean install, even the hidden partition with the pre-installed recovery system, but i have stopped it takes forever :joy: and i have to find all the drivers and such for this new laptop.


Not sure but when I was on Olanzapine I used to find that as well. I would take 2x 2.5mg tablets rather than a 5mg.


MRW trying to record this tutorial and keep screwing it up.


Yeah, okay, so thanks for the nightmares.


I thought it was some kind of frame less sunglasses to begin with, like the ones Adam Jensen has in Deus Ex.


Firstly i work in a biotechnology lab. Tinkering with DNA and all that stuff.

Secondly i can answer your question:
Technically it should have no difference whatsoever, However there are certain factors involved, including release time delay of tablets or Individual body health/chemistry etc. These small unknown factors amount to different effects on different people, hence in this matter you can switch to what works for you. (After consulting your physician ofc)


Ok,guys.This post might not even make any sense to you but I just need to get something off my chest since I’m feeling terrible and I have no one to talk to I feel.
This might be long.

I haven’t been posting in last couple of months,I don’t even know why.I told myself I’d stay off the forum and I don’t even know what’s the reason to be honest.

Last couple of months were probably best in my life,I had a really good time.I started talking to a girl from my class.
I’ve actually known her for 4 years already but I never really was interested in her.Then in October we somehow got into a conversation and since then talked regularly almost every day.
She broke up with her boyfriend at that time and I was there to help her.She told me she really likes me as a friend and that she regrets not talking,hanging out with me earlier.I do the same.
She’s an amazing person and I really regret not meeting her earlier in my life even though I’m just 18.

As you might imagine I started to like her more and more.It didn’t take long.About one or two months until I realised I really fell in love with her.

And I was okay with that.I felt kind of safe.I know this may sound mean but she just broke up with her boyfriend and I felt like I had a chance.

It happened to me first time that I talked to someone for 7 or 8 hours.We would talk all day.I felt great.I always thought of me as a worthless human being and then meeting somebody that’s willing to talk with me for hours was amazing.I was never ever happier.However I was also always in fear that she’d find a boyfriend.

And I never had courage to tell her what I really feel because I want this friendship to last forever.I truly do.I can’t lose her as a friend.We don’t have to be together but I need a friend like her.I don’t think I’d ever meet anybody like her again.Someone that would be willing to talk to me in 2 in the morning about most random stuff because it’s just fun and not say “I’m tired,I have to sleep.”.

I’m a mess now.She met a guy on birthday party and said she really enjoyed talking to him.Me,being her best friend,knew about this first since she was the one to tell me that herself.And the feeling is terrible.She told me she likes the guy.She talked about him today all day.I heard conversation she had with one of her friends.
She talked with him all day too.
She almost didn’t talk to me at all today and yesterday.It really seems she’s into that guy.

Because of this situation I’ve gone crazy.This is only thing on my mind.I decided to tell her that I like her tommorow morning.I’m destroyed.I can’t sleep,I can’t eat,I can’t concentrate on anything at all.I’m just thinking about this same thing over and over and over and over again.
I’m overthinking everything too much.I’m destroying myself literally.I’ve never felt worse.
I don’t know why but telling her what I really feel might make me feel better.I feel that’s my only way out of this.

We might never be friends though.Ever again.And I think I couldn’t accept that.There’s a chance we could even end up being together.
I know she cares about me.She said I’m best friend she ever had,she said she regrets not meeting me earlier,she’d talk to me first every time she needed advice.
All this stuff I know but I still fear that tommorow when I tell her what I truly feel we might never talk again.
I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I lose her.I guess I’ll just go to being lonely again like I did for pretty much my whole life.
Not talking to anyone at all.That’d be a big contrast.

I really got used to her and talking to her if you know what I mean.

And I have a really bad feeling for some reason.
I’m just wondering why does stuff always have to end.It’s always been like that for me.I always fuck everything up.And I’m conciously going to do it again.
I never had a girlfriend like some of you may know.I feel like I could be with this girl forever literally.She really means a lot to me.
And I know this is a cliche but I don’t think I’d meet anyone like her again.

I’m not expecting any answers or advices.I’m not asking for you guys to help me.I just wanted to say this and hopefully make myself feel a little bit better.
There’s a chance I might leave this forum all together though.So yeah…don’t worry I guess.
And I wish you all the best.


Man, I know this is exactly what you are expecting people to say, but i’m going to say it anyway because it’s true - You will. Trust me on that. Everyone we meet and forge a relationship with is special, because they are unique. You can never have the exact same set of experiences with one person that you can with another - It’ll always be different. And that’s a good thing. The things we say and do and the actions we take with one person will train us for the future, give us a lived experience to reflect on, and perhaps influence the decisions we make later down the line when in similar situations. From the sounds of things, perhaps it is best that you tell her what you feel, but you need to fortify yourself for the worst case scenario, in case she doesn’t share your feelings. It’s always a risk, but as you say, it’ll make you feel better to get it off your chest and that is what is most important at the moment. You need to look after yourself, it’s no good dwelling in a vat of despair. If she doesn’t share your feelings, then you can start to move on without any of the baggage or doubts gnawing away at you

Also, I know how shit it feels because I am going through something similar - I broke up with my partner of 7 years in November. For a while there it was probably the worst time of my life, but what prior relationships in my teens and early 20s prepared me for was dealing with the heartache that comes with a relationship ending. The emotional experience and maturity to process it and keep your head when it truly feels like you’re about to lose it. If I hadn’t had those past relationships and those messy breakups, god knows how I would have coped. It’ll suck for a while, and I mean really suck - But later down the line you’ll be grateful for the experience and you will have learned something very important from it.

Keep yer chin up mate, I noticed you hadn’t been around as much lately and it’d be a shame if you left the community. We’re always here if you need to vent about something.