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He shouldn’t do youtube for the money.



After a lot of experiments and finally correcting the situation of Hong never moving from his office and going to the restaurant, I managed to get SA/SO/AZ in The Lee Hong Assassination:

Now I just need to find a way of getting SA/SO and getting both Mei Ling and Smith out from the place. I can sneak out Mei Ling with ease but Smith is pretty hard to get without being spotted.


Well, I’ve only gone and got a job in Amsterdam. Today’s my third day, so at least I went back!

I had a terrible week before, with a funeral of close family to go to, so it felt hard to celebrate a new job in that environment but the whole family were very happy and excited for me.


The move didn’t work. Staying in Ireland. :frowning:


I’ve updated the “Where are you from” thread to read “Where do you live” as that is more accurate to the purpose of it. I also created a more concise list of the members who posted there and arranged them by country. You can check it out by simply going to the OP.

Please don’t bother sharing locations of other members as I will only add them if they specifically post there themselves, simply out of respect. If you haven’t posted there, we’d love to hear from you.


Kick in the nuts, hopefully you’ll get another shot if it’s good for you.

Moving i mean… Not getting a kick in the nads Ha


Maybe out of line. But I’m seeing a 91 posts long thread about MrFreeze. Just how bad is it? I really don’t want to look at it but i’m curious.


For me that thread is inappropriate, it’s one thing not to like @mrfreeze2244 but making a laughingstock of him is not right.


A new PS4 update is out here in Norway 4.55 339,9 MB, but a quick search tells me this update was released 6 days ago?

PS4 Update 4.55 Out Now, But It Doesn’t Do Much

This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.


Got into Police interrogation today. I have only few words about this: Waste of my time:/


Wow! May I ask what it was like?


I had to say i was really stressed and thinking when i can go because i was scared:|


Were you placed into a dark room with both hands tied up or something? :smile:


Dark room nothing more, Just a Dark Room


If you are interested why i was there well i WAS major suspect in bullshit i dont want to talk about. No im not a Murderer or something;D


I have my first job Interview on Tuesday! was told there would be 5 others taking part of the interview. shiiiit.


Nerve wracking :fearful:, my best advice is, just be yourself :smiley: and hope for the best.


Not really nervous as off now, more excited. But there being 5 other people, is what i find odd. Kinda like being on display.


I agree, a bit odd, if i was looking for hiring someone i would like to meet them one at the time.