What's New?


working on it, will have is sorted shortly


Hahaha, no worries, we will survive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Press refresh is it looking right now?


Yes :smiley:.


It all relates to our recent theme work we did. Also see:


Cool, some members have been asking for a darker theme :smiley:.


The new build of Firefox makes this look really good.

@ampburner get on it m8


oh sweet!!! I’ve always been wanting a dark theme.


YES! a dark theme is priority number 1 in my life. please make this happen





Luke: “Soooo, better?”


Here’s why we wrote a song about Bill O’Reilly

Dance on the grave of his fucking career and piss on it. OOYAA


My computer died on me a few days ago and now this is happening.

New Motherboard goes in tomorrow. Wish me luck. I’m hoping this fixes the problem.


Is that a micro ATX or Mini ITX board?


Visiting my folks and they’ve got lambs now :heart_eyes:


Is this the black sheep of the family? :smiley:


There’s actually a fair few black ones - Including one that was born yesterday, but he has a little white patch on his head! Very cute.


…and you immediately punch it in the nose.

Human rights - fuck yeah!
Animal rights - fuck no!

JK. Cute pic


So cute and I can make them taste really good!