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Micro ATX


Ha, he was actually biting my knuckle. Seems to think it was a teat. These little ones are mere days old.

Luckily these aren’t being bred for food.



Mission Accomplished. PC is up and running again.


Was just relaxing, listening to the new Hitman soundtrack again while paging through the TV… I saw one of those “Animal Planet” type shows while the theme “Enemy of my enemy” started to play lol


Play this video on MUTE while listening to the Hitman Soundtrack “Enemy of my enemy”

you’re welcome! :dizzy_face:


That’s a sick wallpaper man


This corner looks suspiciously like Vinnie’s second floor room in Blood Money!!?
Even the paint resembles it.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was out at a bar and the toilets were in old vats, a bit like the first mission in Blood Money.
Edit for pics

The bar is in Amsterdam :smiley:


For 6 foot+ people how are you even meant to get inside those things?


woah did IOI actually translate the name of all the elusive targets? That’s crazy.

At school I was walking up the stairs and I did it fast like I always do. He told me that I should join the cross country running club. I said my stamina is terrible and he told me not to say that out loud while there were other people around us.

I didn’t get what he meant. Now I think I do.


Well luckily the Human species have evolved the ability to crouch, by bending our knees and we are even able to do the ass to grass movement if we squad real deep.


Silent Ass-grass-in


I’m pretty sure as soon as I would go to get out of that thing I’d hit my head and ko.


I was going through my spam mail and I see this. LOL


Sending photos to women now are we, Vinnie? You better cool it man, you have a wife… :stuck_out_tongue:


All his wife does is get drunk and stumble around the house and even cheat on him with meagre laborers… Shouldn’t Vinnie have some fun on his own?
Alright @Vinnie_Sinistra??


At this point you have to continue. Don’t think about the reactions you get: At some point they’re gonna like it :smiley:
I speak from experience.



I finally figure out how to change the wallpaper on my PS4. Thanks to a youtube tutorial of course.
For those wondering you have to do this:

From your PlayStation app on the phone you have to send via message to some one the photo you are interested
Go to your PS4 and open the photo you just send from the message
Take a screenshot
Set it as a wallpaper from the settings in the “Theme” menu

I have this wallpaper on my PC and phone since 2011. Never changed it :smiley:


Or just use the web browser on your PS4, search for the image you want to use and take a screenshot. :stuck_out_tongue:


This one is in high definition. Not some google quick search :smiley: But thinking about it… I have no idea why I didn’t think about this myself