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Pretty much finished one song now, and several minutes into another. It’s really nice to do literally nothing besides sit and write music. Time flies by. The first song has orchestra chimes and xylophones and shit. VSTs of course, but still.


Spent the last 3 days straight in a muddy field getting rained on constantly, but I no longer care because Holy shit - I saw Converge last night!! Fucking CONVERGE. One to cross off the bucket list.

Felt like I watched something very special. Will post a pic when my phone cooperates


Here ya go, CONVERGE!!


The Girlfriend says i’m not allowed to be packing heat on our vacation…back to square one, i guess…


I´m having my driving test on tuesday and tomorrow my final driving lesson.
The last one on friday was super shit (the worst one I had) and I was totally unconcentrated and now I´m scared shitless of tomorrow and tuesday :worried:


Do you get a lot of practice outside of the lessons? That’s really the best way to insure that you do well. Being comfortable and proper experience is the key to driving.

Once you’ve started driving for a few years, you can’t even remember NOT knowing how to drive XD


No, nothing at all, but I had a lot of lessons and usually it went pretty well :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:


If anyone is interested, here’s a demo song from my little music writing session this week. Pleased with it so far.


Well, I passed thank god. I’m now allowed to drive with accompany until I’m 18 next year :smiley: then I’ll be allowed to drive alone


That’s GREAT news! Congratulations. Now you can relax and actually enjoy driving.


Exactly what I thought :smiley:


Here if you pass…you pass. Where the heck do you live whereby you pass but still need someone else on board?


It’s same case in my country too.
I guess it’s not as uncommon as you think


I live in Germany where you can get your license one year earlier if you drive with someone else. So normally I’d still have to wait


Holy fuck


Haha I will take that as a compliment, thanks Pissay <3


Guys can You help me?

I came back to my Playstation 2 for a while and I’m playing ‘Spider-Man 2’.
But game freezes (there’s no special moment when it happens, it’s random)… what can be a reason?
I cleaned PS2 leans and it doesn’t change anything.


You could try the PS2 on its side or upside down, that sometimes works if the reader is the problem. Have you tried any other discs to see if they work?


I played a lot of ‘Spider-Man 3’ before 2 and it worked fine…
You mean my PS2 should be laying?
It was standing.
I changed the position and there’s no problem for now but I feel it will happen again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I started my first day of school today as a junior. It was… alright I guess.

There are some classes where I have friends/know people, then some where I know no one.