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Have you thought about leasing? Might be more viable, especially if you look around for lower tier vehicles.


I don’t really need a car and I don’t like leasing or renting stuff tbh. I want to own the things I have. I think I will look into buying an old BMW e30 or something when I’ve finished my education. I would love to give restoration a try. But congrats on your Ford. Is it one of those keyless ones?

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No, but I was a little surprised. I got the keys and the alarm buttons were part of it, not a separate unit like I normally see.


Well that’s a nice detail. More space in the pocket then :smiley:


@TKInstinct: Too bad its a Ford. :wink:

I had a core network switch go out at work yesterday, so the past 36 hours or so have been very chaotic with trying to get it replaced. I work for a non-profit company so they always want to go with the cheapest option they can, and coming up with reasons why they should spend the extra money on better stuff isn’t always easy.

Other than that it’s life as usual. Get up, go to work, come home, watch TV/play a game or two, go to sleep. Hurray for the monotony of real life.

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This is a terrible opinion. It’s like people who will spout off that IE is still the worst browser in existence. They’re both opinions that were garnered in the past, Ford truly has made great strides and they’re competent vehicles these days. My Ford gets 27 mpg city, which is comparable to a Honda Civic. The Civic still gets more at 31 city, 41 Highway compared to the Focus at 27 city, 37 highway. There’s a slight difference but that opinion that Ford’s are shit are antiquated.


I was just messing with you, man. I thought maybe the wink emoticon would be evidence of that, but I guess not. Everyone has a personal preference on cars. Me personally I was brought up in a Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Jeep family. That’s not to say that other brands are automatically shit. Hell, I owned a Chevy Cavalier for 10 years. Anyways, congrats on the new car man. It’s a great feeling being able to get a brand new car.


It’s cool but a bit nerve wracking at times. Someone jammed on the breaks for a pedestrian this morning. It wasn’t close really, I still had about 9ft. between me and him but still.

Sorry, didn’t notice the emoticon.


Aren’t you used to driving?


Yeah, but I hadn’t been a few months so it took me a little while to get back into the groove of things.


If I remember correctly a US gallon is smaller than a UK one. That makes that MPG rating really quite poor. But I don’t think that’s specific to your car, I think the US in general is pretty awful when it comes to that.

No offense.


What do they sell gas by in Europe? Liters? If so I think the conversion is something like 3.8 liters per gallon.


A US gallon is 3.8 liters definitely, but over here in the UK a gallon is just over 4.5 liters.

Economy is measured in MPG here too.


Yeah I wasn’t sure how it all worked outside the US. Kind of funny that a “gallon” is two different amounts depending on what side of the ocean you’re on.


Went bouldering today. Which is like climbing walls but without the harnesses. Much lower walls and more about finding routes that straight up and down. Real fun. Exhausting, and painful (I’ve ripped my skin off in 6 places on my hands) but I enjoyed it a lot. Hopefully I’ll keep it going. Also signed up for some Archery lessons too, which should be fun.


I’m on holiday in the US. Staying in Los Angeles, but have been zipping across the state to see more of it. This is my 7th time in California and I haven’t ventured further north than San Luis Obispo until now. Went on a road trip to San Francisco, and also visited Crystal Dynamics in Redwood for a playtest. Northern California is very beautiful - It was also 113 degrees fahrenheit (45 celsius) while taking the inland freeway on the way up. I’ve never felt hear like it in my life!


I move out into my first house with my friend, and his girlfriend. It’s a two bedroom house, about 15 minutes from the CBD. My god though, the rent is ridiculous - $560 AUD per week!

In any case, I’m very excited.


You need to make your way out South, where are the beaches are. dude.


I never realized how much effect a missing comma has on a sentence. I just read that all kinds of wrong.


Last job wasn’t for me, so I went and got another one more suited to my interests. If I can get past the fact that I’m gonna be working in a predominantly female environment and using dumbed down tech I’ve grown to despise, it should be quite fun.

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