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Ah you’ll get there. And if you don’t, at least you don’t need to work with them for 30+ years! Think on the bright side lol.


I’ve got GCSE (qualifications) results tomorrow, and I’m more stressed than I’ve ever been before.

I doubt I would be so stressed if I was in a different school year, however this year there is changes in the system which means some of my results will be marked according to a newer scheme and some will be marked according to the old scheme.

This is really bad, because the newer system is not only more difficult to get good grades with but it’s also unfamiliar with markers; which means I’ve got a chance of being given the wrong grades.

Thanks British education system.


I’m sure you will do wonderfully Silverballer.


Where can I get this “HIT” Magazine?


Thank you :smile:


I am sure you will do well, but if not, don’t worry. As much as they like to pretend otherwise, a sheet of paper issued at age 16 will not dictate the course of your life.


Good luck, travelling to UK in some hours to support
you :smile: Flight is at 7am


I got it from IO, I’m sure you can find it on eBay :blush:


I retook my Maths GCSE this year and just found out that I achieved my C grade that I needed to get so I can go to university. Might be 12 years late but I got it!


Well done! I got a D in Maths in School, because I was entered for the lower tier exam meaning the D was aa high as I could get. Pretty disappointed at the time, I took a lot of after school maths lessons to try and scrape a C.


Well done for sticking with it and doing it though! Having attended 9 schools due to moving so much I struggled with a lot of my subjects but maths has always been the one that held me back the most. I’m just glad it’s over and done with. It’s ridiculous what that one mark can stop you from doing.


I remember doing second lowest from the top and I still achieved a A. Wish I had of gone for the lower grade so I could have screwed around more and enjoyed myself. Waste of time doing high level maths during high school imo.

Yeah I wish someone had of told me this, I would have ended up doing a lot of things differently when I finished school.


When I joined here almost ten years ago, as a 13 year old, I don’t know what that 13 year old would have thought about me today, but I don’t think it’d be good. Maybe he’d just ask “What’s wrong?” like everyone else.


@Quinn @Mister_Rieper thanks guys! I got the marks I was hoping for (and better than I was going for in some subjects) so looks like the system didn’t managed to screw me over today :smile:


Now at

Exploring the streets while listening to London Calling.


I have to take a 4 hour test tomorrow for college (SAT). I can’t tell if I’m ready or not, but I have been studying like hell.


Have a lot of beary good luck. :bear::+1:


I can’t bear those puns anymore!

jk I’m loving them :wink:


You could say they’re…unBEARable!


I don’t think they are that grizzly…