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Going to the carnival in London, if I’ll get bombed away, turn my account into a bot that helps HMF.

Thanks, -pete


Why would you get bombed?


Because of some strong radical religious people. You know what I mean.


Some one killed and crucified a cat near where I live. As a cat owner this makes me pretty angry.


That is a disgusting and vile act, reading about such things makes me upset.

Maybe you should keep it indoors a bit, at least after sundown.



Sounds like they already won if they got you shook like all that.


That’s awful. Should crucify the ahole(s) that did it if they find them. Eye for an eye.


I ask apologies beforehand because I am not in a position to think clearly today, and I am fully aware my rants do not apply to everyone (and in all honesty should not apply at all as much as right now I wouls want it to) and may not even apply for people I think it does… but after having two radio stations and two TV channels closed for their “extreme ideals and misinformation” and then hearing this song today on the radio, makes me believe that the only cure for the mental disease that communism is, is a bullet in the head.

It is in spanish so I would understand if many people here are unable to understand just how marginal the brains of whoever wrote this are. And to a degree I am glad you don’t. So that you do not think all of us are like this.

I would also like to point out that all of this crap is being spit over the melody of a very folklorical song of the town I was raised at (actually… second thought… I believe this is a kids song of nationwide popularity… not the one I was thinking about… which is worse). The level of indoctrination that this people are willing to achieve is beyond terrifying.


I was just joking, I’m not scared about all this terror. What I’m really worried of is my online safety.


Ohhooooo, the IRA, we’re getting into some sensitive material for most Northern Irish people.


Say that to a political class westerner / west coast American college student and watch them REEEEEE

Communism is without argument the worst political ideology ever. It has killed way more people than any other political ideology in the history of the human race.


Communism = Worker’s control over the means of production, property is owned by communities rather than individuals and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

That hasn’t killed billions last time I checked

Also knock off that ableist “reee” shit, cheers


This post also lacks nuance due to ignoring the ideological disagreements between groups that fall under the umbrella term of “communism” - Leninists, Marxists, Libertarian Socialists, etc - And just drawing a false equivelance between any and all of them because Muh Chairman Mao

Somehow I don’t think you were talking about Revolutionary Catalonia, probably because you had no idea it even existed


Brilliant, now go tell that to people like Supernova who are living in Venezuela where people are literally eating garbage off the streets, and their currency is worth less than the currency used in World of Warcraft.

Are you denying mass killings didn’t happen under communist regimes? That’s the equivalent of being a holocaust denier.

“It’s not real communism! I swear!”


Tell him yourself. Amazingly he is acting less hysterical than you are about it.

Way to leave out the definition from my quote on purpose. Also no I am not denying that mass killings happened under those regimes, I am chiding you for your lack of understanding on a subject you talk in absolutes about. The problem with your method of thinking is that you are incapable of nuance


Nah, put them in a cage with a lion and then tell him "you enjoy being a bully with cats? Here ya go, bully this one."


Better yet a Tiger, it’s the most vengeful animal on the planet.


Hey @hhchunter, I just did something you didn’t and read your own Wikipedia link:

Theories, such as those of R. J. Rummel, that propose communism as a significant causative factor in mass killings have attracted scholarly dispute;[23] this article does not discuss academic acceptance of such theories.

There’s also entire sections dedicated to exploring external factors (such as Russian Exceptionalism and the general brutality of wartime Europe) and, unlike your unbudging viewpoint, it actually contains some nuance. This Wikipedia article isn’t the outright condemnation of Communism you were hoping for - Maybe if you actually read it before blindly linking it you’d have seen that and saved yourself some embarrassment. When you make blanket statements such as “Communism is without argument the worst political ideology ever that has killed more people than any other”, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

You are in no position whatsoever to speak in such absolutes about an extremely broad political ideology you have, at best, read a couple of disparaging articles about. I can guarantee you’ve never read a word of Marx, Engels, Trotsky etc yet you’re perfectly happy to draw equivalences between them and some of the worst genocides in history because you can lazily link them with a scary buzzword. Either you don’t know that they are ideologically different or you simply don’t care. Neither is flattering, but both mean you’re just as bad as the “Political Class Western College Students” you attacked in your initial post. You don’t know what you are talking about, you don’t care, and your solution is to know and care even less.

Stick to memes m8

Edit - Sorry @D1NGdong for accidentally replying to you


While this does not apply in every sector of our economy, this is often the case. And it could actually kill people in a long domino effect. Say you give an unexperienced worker an administrative position on a once huge food company because he supports the regime and the previous administrator was a capitalist (nepotism over meritocracy, which is often a thing communist regimes fall to). While you are not directly causing deaths, you collapse the economy by putting unprepared workers (who then you say can not be fired) on jobs they are not prepared to execute… causing corruption and ultimately the bankrupt of the company. And now there is less food because the company produced food. And less jobs because the company went to bankrupt. Apply that 1000 times.

And while you want to get all technical and state the differences between communism and totalitarianism (as if nobody ever used totalitarianism to apply communism) you need to realize that they are always accompanied by one another because communism IS (as tacitly expressed by its creator) violent. No matter hoy many sub-groups fall into this label. All the ones I know talk about the abolishment of capitalism as if it was a demonic virus, and not about a transitional economy.

And also, for the sake of your very own neck, do not make it look like you wish to defend communism while being the wildest protestor to right wing politics in this forum. I can not see that turning well. Not trying to impose here.


I think you confuse Communism with dictatorship/regimes, i don’t think any country have had genuine Communism.
Communism is a economic and social system in which all (or nearly all) property and resources are collectively owned by a classless society and not by individual citizens.