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Communism is a economic and social system in which all (or nearly all)
property and resources are collectively owned by a classless society and
not by individual citizens.

Exactly. Sadly this kind of sentiment is likely to be responded to with “it’s not real communism!!” or something - As seen above. But when you really think about it, a lot of the high profile Communist countries that have failed have all been centrally planned. The state has ownership of the means of production rather than the workers. Communism is like any other political ideology in that there are vast disagreements over how to organize society and there are sub-factions with different views and
ideas. Many maintain that a centrally planned state can replicate the exact same kind of oppression that exists under capitalism, and therefore it is
not a good idea. And there are forms of communism (Leninism etc) that advocate for a centrally planned state.

Both can be described as Communism, but we can already see some rather big differences between them. That’s why I have limited tolerance or patience when people try to limit the discussion by claiming communism is intrinsically linked to genocide, or stating that it is “inarguably” the
worst ideology ever - As if literally everything is the same and there are no varying views within it.


Im leaving something in my hotel room.

It’s hidden behind the mirror

Room 401

Days In Standard, Kennighton Road England.



Hahaha, cool! Did you write something more on the note? Or just HMF? Is it a message there?


HMF and a message… :smile:

nothing special.


Maybe a member here will rent the room and find it, or maybe we are getting a new forum member from the hotel staff in the near future :smiley:.
Maybe write where the hotel is, it is in England?


Yes, England. I’ll edit it.


Going to get my Driver’s license tomorrow by doing a simpy test


simply the test

better than all the rest


Yep only a test. This bullshit has already cost me 71€


So… did you pay for it, then? :thinking:


20 fuking characters


LOL I mean was it supposed to be free?


Hope you pass, I failed mine twice :joy: costs me €185 per test…


It had to be a brother who would understand what I ment by “pay for it” I guess…

Didn’t think I would have had to ask more bluntly.


You crack me the fuck up.


Is anyone heavily interested in the new gta online dlc? I’m so bored of the game, started playing it at release day. Now not playing very often anymore, and when I “play” it do I create short clips with the R* editor.


Really easy 24/30


I’ve played a little of GTA Online but it hasn’t really captivated me. I’ve been pretty disappointed that Rockstar haven’t released any single player DLC for this game and it makes me a little wary about purchasing RDR2.


Got carded (I.D. checked) for a pack of smokes. What??? I must be far more handsome and young looking in person than I look in pictures. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then minutes later sat down in a restaurant for dinner and got THE BEST LOOKING WAITRESS EVER! And sooo flirty with me too. No delusions, I know it’s for tips. But it worked… 50% to the young lass. (I generally tip high anyway for the underappreciated, but usually not that high.)

Anyway, carded and a flirtatious 20-something beauty in the same evening. Nice. Good day for me!


I remember the standard tip on Colombia being 15%. Downgradeable or avoidable as you may see fit, but I do not remember it being upgradeable. Here in Venezuela it is 10% solid if the stablishment charges it. If the stablishment does not charge for table service you usually leave cash for ammounts tremendously insignificant compared to the food served. So it is kind of… let’s say I don’t buy it. I wouldn’t give 50% on a tip unless it was my grandfather serving me or something.