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Here in the States 15-20% is customary. But the base salary in food service is FAR below what minimum wage is for any other job so they rely heavily on tips. I generally do between 20-30% depending on the service unless it’s absolutely horrible by choice. My bill was just shy of $20, left $10, so it’s not like it was a huge dollar amount, just a big percentage.

Plus tips are also split with behind the scene workers as well, cook/chef, bus people, etc.


Coming from a country where tipping is not customary it seems like such an silly concept. I understand that it’s how waiters/waitresses make most of their earnings but cmon, how about they just get paid a decent wage? I would eat at restaurants far less if I knew I had to pay an extra 10-20% on top of my meal.


Yeah I reckon, the concept of having part of your salary relying on how generous someone is feeling at one given moment is very foreign.


I’ve seen people say “If you can’t afford to tip then don’t eat at the restaurant” - But my argument is if you can’t afford to pay your staff a living wage, don’t open a fucking restaurant.


Yeah totally. I was taken aback when I was told the waiters depend on the tips when I came to Canada.

Tipping waiters is definitively a concept in Iran but it’s not like religion as it is here. It’s more like courtesy as I understand it.


Yeah, it’s a very odd system when you think about. Although no thinking required if you’re from a country that doesn’t have it. The only reasoning behind it that I can think of is it’s used as an incentive for the staff to be particularly good at their job to ensure repeat business and good reputation. Although, making it the law of the land seems to be taking it a bit too far.

On the flip side, there is at least one restaurant chain where they are paid to be just the opposite - rude and obnoxious. Always heard of it, never been to one. But would love to one day.


My brother went to that place - In Chicago I think? He said the waiter called him Eurotrash, hehhh


Tipping is weird.


Drunk and tired after a birthday party…and that means Empire Strikes Back in bed! I’ll I never get past the Hoth scene before I fall a sleep

I always watch Empire when drunk

Update: I didn’t get past the Hoth scene, I don’t remember seeing the walkers attacking Eco base.


So had a little bit of a bombshell drop on me today. Basically, my dad asked me if him and his partner could move in with me for a temporary period, which could be at least 6 months. Essentially they are having various problems with their housing and due to awful neighbours, want to move out so they feel safe until they can find a new place.

I suppose to give a little bit of backstory, I live in a decent size house, and lived with my mum. Grandad moved in about 5 years ago and we converted the garage into a granny flat. Dad and mum divorced when I was like 8, and I’ve seen my dad roughly once a fortnight for the last 16 years. Anyway, my mum died of cancer about 2 and a half years ago, and my grandad died at the start of this year, so I’ve been living by myself for the last few months with my 2 cats and dog.

I’ve been on good terms with dad, even if not extremely close to each other, but since I’m an only child he is really the only close family I have left. His partner is a very nice woman too, they’ve been together for like 12 years and I get the feeling the only reason they never married was because of how burnt my dad felt after his divorce.

Going to talk them both tomorrow over dinner about this in detail and the arrangement. I think it is a good thing I do this, it is just so sudden I’m just trying to process it in my mind.


Every single totalitarian government names themselves something positive (People’s Liberation Army for example) before going full chaotic evil.

Please show me a modern Communist country that is not run by a dictator/totalitarian group. Please.


Yeah because that cancer will never work


How can you call genuine Communism for cancer when no country have ever had it?


That’s the problem with Schrödinger’s Communism. :grin:


:joy: i have no idea what that means :flushed:.


Never heard of Schrödinger’s Cat?


So you’re saying that the idea that communism may be good or bad can not be so easily determined by logic until observed in reality and; because communism has always failed when attempted, it is ridiculous to keep assuming any other potential outcome?

In this case, I will completelly agree with you.


I suggest creating a new thread for this type of discussion.


Okay lets make it easier for you. Communism in nutshell: Wolf in sheep’s clothing


I am unsure I could even discuss this without dismissing everything that attempts to defend communism.