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Is it mandatory to tip at a restaurant in the UK or US? In Italy you tip if you want it. None of the staff will look bad at you if you don’t.


In Europe in general it’s exactly how that (amazingly true and funny) video says, it’s a nice gesture but not like it is in the US. It comes on your bill often and it’s a “service charge”.


In the US? I have never come across an automatic “service charge” in my life. But I suppose there may be States that have this but I’m not aware of it. Also I guess it’s possible in very high end restaurants they may do this. But certainly not your run of the mill place.


To the best of my knowledge, tipping isn’t mandatory in the US with the possible exceptions I listed above in response to YaIrish. Quinn may have some insight with his time in California. I could see that state having a mandatory tip/service charge.

Anyway, while it is not mandatory and there are no consequences for not leaving a tip, it IS expected. Had many friends and family who worked in such jobs in high school and college and they were not happy when someone “stiffed” them on a tip, especially when it’s a good size group and they leave nothing or nearly nothing.

Tipping does not apply to fast food restaurants like McDonalds and such though. Pretty much just places where there are waiters/waitresses.

EDIT: Also tipping waitresses or bartenders in bars is also a thing but there’s less “pressure” to do so so fewer people actually do. And I don’t think people pay much attention to the percentage they give. Just a couple dollars here or there.

EDIT #2. Just realized how WAY off course this got for the thread. Perhaps any more discussion should be taken up in “Ask HMF Anything” thread.


In my experience, gratuity was never added to the bill in California. Assuming it is the same in every state but I have only been to 3.


Gratuity is added automatically for large parties (I think 8 or more is the standard, can’t remember) at most major restaurant chains. It’s a case by case situation though.


In my country most restaurants do charge a fixed 10% of your food as “table service”. You usually pay that and leave a super small cash ammount appart from that.

If the restaurant does not charge that 10%… well, first off, the waiter will be very blunt at saying that they do not charge on it (so you understand you have to tip so they get an income) and it will oftenly be very notably highlighted at the menu that the final bill will not include table service.


Just felt like sharing this video because it is simultaneously very informative and very funny. Would recommend watching the entire thing.


Hey guys! So I’m pretty excited. Last week, at the very last minute I decided to start back up at community college. I’m a year away from an associate’s and am looking to transfer to a university or college in Fall of 2018 at the earliest anyway. Well, I managed to get in 4 classes that all count towards my major (currently just Liberal Arts, will later be psychology and/or political science). I am really, really eager to get started as I have not worked in 3 years and haven’t been to school in 7! I’m not really looking forward to writing papers, but I am excited to finally be doing something productive again. There’s also this amazing scholarship for some great local colleges like Mt Holyoke and Smith that offer fully paid tuition if you qualify, and it’s specifically designed for non traditional students, so I feel like I have a shot. THAT would seriously change my life.

Anyway, just felt like sharing and hope ya’ll are well!


Wow, beginning of a great new chapter. Best of luck!


Thanks dude! I would like you but I ran out today haha!


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LOL, ikr, it’s barely after noon for her. “Out of like”…sure, ok.

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Haha! Yeah I used them all up on the contracts thread, I like every single contract/video posted so they go quickly! :joy:

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My Driver’s license card arrived today. I look fuking depressed;D


Credit to you, more so than what I would ever be able to do, I hated all forms of education! Good luck!


Thanks so much! I understand, I’m not a big time scholar either. But, for the field I want to get in school is required. So, I must suck it up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I appreciate that, rather than going backwards and schooling I’m aiming at a firm 90 degree turn and then diverge into new things. I don’t have patience for schooling after what I’ve done now!


Cool! Good luck to you with everything as well!

I was at a point where I hadn’t worked in over 3 years and finally narrowed down some careers, so I’m like why not. Especially since I qualify for financial aid. I would not be going back if I had to take out a bunch of loans. To me, it’s just too much pressure if you have to have a lot of loans. I’m trying to get as much of it covered as possible. I’m curious what are you aiming to do? If you care to share…


Yeah if its available then why the hell not!

I’m at a cross roads now in truth, I’m only 20 but I’ve rapidly climbed the ladder in my place of work over 4 years going from desktop support to being the main point of contact for any and all IT and Logistics globally. Problem is it’s too much work (90 hours a week sometimes), and sadly anything else in the same remit isn’t paying me as much.

So I’m going to get my PRINCE2 and AGILE head on, get that done and hopefully open more doors in project management so I can keep progressing!

It makes sense in my fucked up head but we shall see what happens.