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Wow! What an accomplishment at only 20. Damn you are so young! Very mature clearly for your age. That’s very impressive, seriously! Good for you keep it up


It comes from being determined and a grumpy bitch, take no shit and you tend to get places, let people walk over you and you’ll forever be at the bottom of the food chain in this day and age in a working environment.

But yeah, thanks chick!


My crush returned to school from her 4 month break and that shit opens up old would man.

I thought I was over that.

I was away from school and thus away from girls for a month and I had peace of mind. I would even jerk off every once in a while to let off some steam. Now I’m just in a never ending turmoil.

This is cancer. I should cut my balls off and be done with this.


Have this background always been black?

Wasn’t it Hitman world map red like this?



I’ve never known anything other than the former. But I’ve only been here 3 months.


I think it was something like this before:


Yeah You’re right :thinking:


Now you’ve shown me yeah…the top bar does appear a little, blank now.


And why are the “F O R U M” letters still not placed properly…?


What’s wrong with the letters? I don’t understand the placed properly part.


You don’t see the jumbled mess? They’re on different heights and the spaces between them are uneven



All letters is in same hight and the F looks a bit off but it’s not : F O R U M


Maybe F U M is a bit off?


The spacing on ‘FORUM’ is a bit off. Could be an illusion I guess.


I was thinking the same thing, since F, O, and R dosen’t have clear lines like U and H, It looks like R U M have the same space but F O R is a bit off, the more i’m staring at the letters the more wrong it looks :joy:.


Aye I thought fuck all about it, until it’s been pointed out, now on the home screen it’s fucking me off, it gets worse looking the more you stare.


I mostly visit the forum using my phone these days so I haven’t noticed it before.


It seems a bit off though.


I’ve given up, just don’t look, pretend it doesn’t exist lol.




I got legally married Tuesday :smiley: Best moment of my life. Now for the big viking wedding on Saturday! I managed not to shed a tear but i was very close.