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Congratulations to @The_Wife (is she not a member here since i can’t tag her? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and @tobiasrieper.48


Only HMF couple that I know of (hope I don’t get it wrong) is @DianaBurnwood and @AGENT4T7


Congratulations! I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can make it to crash the wedding.


No she isn’t a member :frowning: she does know I frequent on this forum though :slight_smile: Thank you :smiley: Just busy organising the shin dig on Saturday now.


There’s @Spodey and @SnakeGun also (although they aren’t married lol) :smile:


Yet…You just never know!


Wait wait wait a little. Spod was always mine. Don’t listen to what he says


I am in full agreement. Missed that one.



Congratulations! :smile: Hope you’ll get lucky together!



When I first saw the picture I thought it was some hitman fan art :rofl:


I better not die in a category 5 hurricane before Season 2 of Hitman comes out. Fuck.

Is anyone else on HMF in Florida preparing for Irma or am I the lucky fella?


Hope you stay safe, and the only building that gets destroyed is Mar-a-Lago.


Don’t worry, we’re all going to die of age before season 2 is announced.


inb4 Season 2 is the new Half-Life 3


All this HMF love in the air makin me emotional and shit.
I think it should be pretty clear by now that i am a bit gay for @Fortheseven
And @Quinn . Id take both of ya.


Wrong, dont forget about Quinn and Postal_Dude


I was ready to go to sleep and there was an oscillatory tremor in all the country. Pretty light at first but went pretty strong. Just now stopped. According to reports, it was an 8.1 in richter scale. Just when the tropical storms aren’t enough.


There have been some small quakes on my country since the past two weeks or so, but all below 4.0

The news are saying it was an 8.4 generated on the southern mexican coast near the guatemalan border. You live in Jalisco right? You still must have felt it tremendously hard.

Besides, 8.4 is no fucking joke. That is some serious destroyer. I am glad to know you are ok.


Haha, that’s a weird name for an earthquake. Is there much damage? 8.1 is no joke, we had a 7.1 in 2010 but since the richter scale is logarithmic an 8.1 is MUCH bigger. Any idea how deep it was?