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Well TECHNICALLY Richter’s Scale begins to fail after 6,9 and you have to switch to another, very similar scale, to name every earthquake beyond 6,9

I am always more interested on Mercalli’s Scale because it does not do math on the energy released by the tremor; instead it scales the damage to human life. According to news, this was a 5 on Mercalli… so, pretty bearable (pun intended).


:open_mouth: 8.1 is a pretty strong earthquake and it triggered a tsunami warning, glad to hear you are okay, just woke up so i’m reading that 3 people dead from a collapsing house, do you live far from the centre of the eartquake?



Isn’t there also a hurricane on the other side of the country as well?

Gulf of Mexico / America is getting rekt right now


Yes it is, it’s on it’s way from Caribbean to Florida this weekend:



I’m talking about the Tropical Storm Katia, looks like it’s literally on the other side of country to the tsunami.
So poor Mexico gets it from both ends.


Care to elaborate? I’ve never heard of that before.


So far the news tell that there’s a chance of tsunami in the coasts of Veracruz, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc. In Oaxaca already some buildings collapsed with fatal result.


This is rather crazy in this region of the world. Irma is the biggest threat to do the most damage right now but the other two are expected to continue to grow in strength as well. Irma’s projected path is very unusual and scary, looking as though it’s going to run right up thru the entire state of Florida, pretty much engulfing the whole state with destruction. Normally hurricanes pass by in a general east-to-west, or west-to-east, allowing residents to travel a bit north or south to escape the path. This path leaves them no where to go and is essentially becoming a “running of the bulls” on a massive scale.

Scary. Best of luck to anyone who lives or has loved ones in the area of these storms. I have quite a bit of family in Florida myself.


Stay safe, man.


Wikipedia should be able to elaborate better than me, so just use Google.


For all in Norway that can vote, you can go out and give your vote in the general election already today, from 15:00 to 20:00.
My advice is use your vote even it’s boring, if you are not happy with the current government or you are, your vote can change it or make the current government sit for 4 new years, use your vote!!!
In my opinion people that don’t vote loose their rights to criticize the government, because you didn’t use your right to vote to try to change it.


My vote is now given and i gave it to the Labour Party :smiley: :rose:.


RIP my Playstation4.

It burned inside. I have no idea how could this happen. Something in the HDMI hud burned. The ps4 will turn on but the tv won’t read the hdmi.
I guess I broke it even more after a few hits I gave it. This month could’t get any better.
I will send it to some one to try to repair it.


How much cost a new PS4? PS4 Slim is not that expensive, but that’s here in Norway, i don’t know how much it cost in Italy.

You could try to fix it yourself, here is a video of how you disassemble the PS4:


270 € At this point I have to buy a new one. But fuck… In 10 days is my birthday. I have to pay the car insurance, I have to give 1.500 € advance for the new house me and my mom are going to live in plus It will cost me 300 € for the engravings of my Silverballer replica. But good luck I have to pay the Silverballer when its done in 2 months.


So the doctor prescribed minoxidil for my hairloss. I’m 18 years old ffs.

I almost hope it doesn’t work. It’s a pain in the ass to apply especially with my long hair. Not to mention your head smells like alcohol after application. It’s not putrid or anything but you wouldn’t want to smell like that.

Worst thing is you have to apply it for the rest of your life if you want to keep your hair.

I think one day I’ll say fuck it and shave my head.


Do you know if the hard disk from the first version of the ps4 is compatible with the slim ps4?
Because I have a hybrid hdd and I would like to to put it on the slim of course.
And if I put this hard disk in to another ps4. Will it read my hard disk and have the playstation like normal with all my stuff on it?


If i was you i would say it now and just shave my head, i’m doing that, but whatever you do, don’t start with extreme comb over like Donald Trump :smiley:.


Yes i think it is, it is a slim hard drive in the regular PS4, 4-5 mm up to 9 mm 2.5" HD.

Yes, you can move it over to another PS4, so don’t throw the old PS4 in the garbage before you have removed the HD.


I can personally 100% guarantee it will work.


@ingrobny thank you guys. I really enjoy my hdd hybrid. It has 6 gb of SSD and rest 800 gb HHD. It works pretty fast in loading.
Any way, the hard disk is the same as the one from the PS4 Slim?