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Yes, i had 500GB SSD in my old PS4 and it was faster when loading and saving.

I have done som googling and if your hard drive isn’t higher than 9 mm then it will not be a problem. If your HD was higher than 9 mm it would not fit in your current PS4 either.


That sucks,however maybe bald look would suit you.
If you can,try growing beard and going bald.I feel that’s a good look and suits better than just being bald.

You coming to Romania?Are we going to meet up?


Doubt. I’m short on money again for the reasons above. You will be one of the firsts to know :stuck_out_tongue:



eh,there will be time I guess


I have to also agree with @ingrobny and @AGENT_58. I’m sure it sucks to have hair issues at such a young age but you may find it very liberating and a huge stress reducer by just ridding yourself of it completely.

My experience: I’ve got a few decades on you and haven’t had any hair issues but a couple years ago went thru kind of a stressful rough patch and just shaved it off to simplify my life in the seemingly smallest of ways. So glad I did it. Personally, I think I look better with my hair grown out but yet my social life (dating) hasn’t missed a beat and it still feels amazing not to have to worry about my hair. I will never grow it out again.

And yeah, if you can do a little scruff with the facial hair, I also think that’s a good look.

I know it’s a different situation with you but if the constant attention you need to put to your hair causes you stress, anxiety or feelings of being self-conscious, you may be happier saying “screw it” and go the way of 47. But do what’s best for you.

Best of luck either way.


On the hair front I am pretty sure mine has started thinning at the crown. I noticed it a few weeks ago. I’d rather not lose my hair in my early 30s (Especially one of those Friar Tuck bald patches) so I started taking Biotin. It actually seems to have helped a little.

The moment it becomes unsalvagable though, I’m going full 47 and shaving it all off.


My best friend bought me a new playstation in advance for my birthday. I LOVE HIM


You’re welcome! I can’t believe it got there so fast. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but seriously, what an awesome friend you have!


A truck transporting various goods to help the people who suffered severe affectations in Oaxaca because of the earthquake had an accident on the road and it was a matter of minutes before scavengers stole the stuff.

At first it was suggested they were helping to secure the things but then it was inmediatly obvious what they were going for when they started carrying everything into their own cars and driving the opposite way.
Funny enough the car in the second pic is a taxi from city. Meh. Just another typical day with the same shitty stuff.


@ingrobny hard disk fits perfectly. But it won’t load the system like it was on the old one. I have to download the system, put in on a USB then attach it on the ps4 and restart the system fro 0.
But hey, at least I got a new ps4.

I will give the old one to my brother in Romania. I never meet him (he’s from my real dad). In the meanwhile I will see if I can adjust it somewhere here at a low price.


Okay, that was somewhat bad, but it looks like the system is hardware locked or something, i learned something new today :blush:, but at least you can use your old HD and install the system again, do you have many digital games? If so, it will take sometime to download everything again :grimacing:.

But anyway congrats with a new PS4 :smiley:, PS4 must always be prioritized :wink:.


When you let sink in that it has been 3.5 months since SE sold IO…


And when we let sink in that SE didn’t ruin Hitman 2016, IO-I did that with the insane wide viewcones and half-track tank health right after they went independent :grimacing:.


Yeah man game is unplayable now…


IO didn’t ruin the game, it’s a silly and extremely overdramatic statement. Also Square put IO and Hitman’s future in jepody, lets not give them to much credit when it comes to how IO managed to create one of the best Hitman games to date.


They ruined it for me and for me it’s not silly, Hitman 2016 was the best Hitman game that’s true, but after the recent patches it’s not that for me and that’s why i deleted the game and will not buy season 2, yes just because of the viewcons and 47’s insane health.


If that’s how you feel, then I can only feel sorry for you. I acknowledge how you feel, but I don’t share the sentiment.


No need to feel sorry for me i’m doing great without Hitman :blush: i’m playing The Long Dark and i really love this game, i had to start a new game because i stole some ammo and a character died because of it and the game have auto save, so i couldn’t go back so i didn’t have other option than starting all over, this time i didn’t steal the ammo and got some cool reward from him :blush:, anyway i’m doing fine without Hitman 2016 :smiley:.
And in 11 days Project Cars 2 is out and after that it is Wolfenstein 2, so i have enough games to play.


Why exactly is it unplayable?


Because you have to try hard to die, the thrill is gone from Hitman 2016, one thing that was great with Hitman 2016 was that you had to careful or you would easily die, but that’s gone now.

But i don’t think @AGENT_58 meant it, it was a sarcastic reply on my Hitman 2016 is unplayable post, i think.