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I don’t think it will be a change in the government here in Norway, AP is the Labour Party, but H and FRP is the government we have now and it looks like they will sit for 4 new years :cry:.


Me and my uncle went through alot of my grandad’s old possessions today, and we found something interesting. Basically, we found an old travel clock. It’s roughly 2 inches by 2 inches, a square case which when opened up reveals a little clock inside. What’s interesting is that the company that made it, a jeweller in Edinburgh, ceased existing in 1941, meaning this travel clock must be at minimum 76 years old. And it still works.


I can totally see your point, but whenever I get spotted to I restart the game. I prefer to kill the targets without getting noticed, so I restart when i get spotted. I’ve got the Thrill to get not spotted by anyone, like most of the players. (I think so, because Hitman is a stealth game). Sometimes when i get spotted do I kill the people around me because it makes fun, but not because I want to feel a thrill in these gunfights. After getting spotted the thrill gets lost for me. (If we are are talking about the one big thrill a player can have while playing a mission). Maybe it’s different from player to player, I dont know. But what bothers me are still the long loading times, npc wallhacks or random resets when I write a mission info for one of my contracts that delete everything I’ve just written. That’s just my view on the game :smile:


Same did i.

Agree, but it was even more excitement when i knew i would probably die if i was spotted, it was more rewarding when i exited the mission with SA and with my life intact, one of the things i like with The Long Dark story mode, it’s no difficulty setting, you have to sleep, eat and drink, you need to hunt, go fishing or gather food from around the map, you need warm and protecting clothing from the cold, wind and wolves and bears, if you fail in doing so you will die, in early Hitman 2016 you needed to be careful or you would also easily die, that’s all gone :cry:.


Lmao. You can’t seriously be telling me someone thought this :joy:

Have seen things like this first hand. Not to help nobody, just tucks having accidents and people stealing the cargo.


That reminds me of playing Hitman for the first time (not Hitman 2016 especially). The first few times I got spotted felt so strange. It was an intense feeling, getting spotted doing something illegal. But that’s gone, you’re right. But in every game you get used to these things, maybe its normal? I’m not sure. My first stealth game was Metal Gear Solid 3, I was very young back then playing it. But old enough to understand what was going on --> If I get spotted I’ll be killed = It was so intense, I would love to experience it again like back then.


My hair has been thinning and slowly disappearing for the last year so I took the plunge today and shaved it off. Doesn’t look AS bad as it could have done but will still take getting used to.


AKA the “you have no life” badge. Lol


I got that today :joy:


I got mine a few days ago.


I see you and raise you with


I got that too.



Apparently by SSHDD is broken. I don’t if it from the burn inside or the violence of my fist. The playstation reads it but won’t allow me to install the update.
I gave the hdd to a coworker to test it on his laptop if it works and he receives an error as well. I’m hoping that maybe formating the hdd might work. But if not, oh well. I found to buy a new one for 60 € 1tb or maybe this time I will go for the SSHDD 2 tb.


Did it work? Is it the regular HD that dosen’t work? Because the ssd is a solid state drive like a usb stick and should work after a fall or a punch with the fist.


I ordered a new SSHDD this time 2TB. I pretty much guess the old one is broken.


! Hold tf up m8. You should be able to completely clone the old drive onto the new drive if you have the following.

  • A laptop / PC

  • USB A drive enclosure. (I have a hacked together one from a broken portable hard drive.)
    You should be able to buy one. They look like this

  • The New Hard Drive.
  • The Old Hard Drive.


I will order in time a usb to hdd cable so I can enter it from my pc. For now I’m happy I got a new ps4 and actually a TB more. It will be a fresh start in a way with all the games.
After all the important things are Hitman and COD. I purchased last month the last Tomb Raider game which I played maybe an hours or so.


Not really, if there’s a disc error on the existing drive it won’t be able to copy that sector across and could potentially end up not working and need a fresh install anyways.


I’m almost 100% sure that your pc will not be able to read a HD with Sony operating system on it, the best thing would be to buy a portable HD and use that as a backup for your saves, picures and games, like i do with a usb stick:

It’s just 16GB, so i use it for backup for saves and if i want to post a screenshot on forums.


I’m now a member on the Hinterland forum, the guys who made The Long Dark :blush:.