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Play it my dude! It’s a quality game.


I disagree, Lara Croft is a mass murdrer like she was in the previous Tomb Raider, why they kept the Tomb Raider name is beyond me, it’s not the Tomb Raider i remember anymore.


I know. I did a 100% with the previous one :smiley: Loved it.


I dropped studying in acting school.
I realised I’m not ready to work hard to be an actor yet.

I will study ‘Theatrology’ in Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, starting from October 2018.

About acting… I’ll see what future holds for me… maybe someday, I will be fighting to be an actor, but not for now. :smile:


Best of luck! At least you had the foresight to realise that you were not ready this year.


Not sure where to post this really, this is more of a general discussion that doesn’t warrant a new thread, so I guess here will do.

Does anyone else feel really… disillusioned with the idea of “gamers” recently? I mean, I know it is an arbitrary term (as far as I am concerned anyone who plays video games for any length of time on any device can call themselves a gamer) but as a more niche subculture I am just feeling more and more distant from it every day. Blizzard have literally been forced to slow down the rate of planned updates for Overwatch so that they can tackle the game’s most toxic players. The game’s development is being affected purely because people can’t act with a modicum of civility or decency when playing online. Racist, homophobic, sexist bullies are everywhere and people defend them - In the game itself, on forums, on comments sections, everywhere you look. And this all takes place among the backdrop of this already exhausting git gud" culture. It just makes me feel more and more distanced from the hobby every single day. I love video games, but I’m starting to resent “gamers”. Is this out of the ordinary?

That whole “Gamergate” shit seems to have started a downward spiral of awful behaviour and it shows no signs of stopping.


I met a white supremacist, sexist, far right, religious intolerant bigot the other day on Star Trek Online. He got into our fleet just normal, but then we received warnings from other fleets about him, and then we noticed first hand (he questioned the member’s sexuality if they used a female character, he was obviously uncomfortable to know the most prominent fleet leader was black, he was bad mouthing other members of the leadership for their political views…) I had discussions with the leaders to kick him out like a week before he, eventually was kicked out. The “biggest leader” was sort of “if he gets online and we help him, he will have to recognize that a nigga helped him” and “let’s teach him that his beliefs are wrong with example” and I was all like “you can’t fucking give tolerance too intolerants on this day and age. He’s all sorts of shit we shouldn’t endorse”. And eventually the other guys made a vote and he was kicked from everywhere.

I do not feel any less connected to the gamer community because of one bigot. I have not stopped playing for one second because of him. And I am partially glad Trump is president because now the racists and other “ists” feel empowered and it is super easy to identify and exclude them.


Nor would I, if it were only one bigot I met and he were as easily dealt with as the one you describe. This, however, is a systemic problem that does’t stop at one individual and is now acknowledged as directly impacting on the development of a major game.

Blizzard have taken action against nearly half a million Overwatch accounts. Half a million. That’s a lot of people engaging in behaviour abusive and disruptive enough to warrant direct exclusion. And they’ve only recently made a report feature, too. Before that, people were powerless to do anything. it’s gotten to the point that the developers are wasting their time trying to come up with ways to punish people that they don’t have time to actively develop their game anymore. That sounds like a real problem, not something that is sorted out by kicking one or two problem users from your session momentarily.

It feels like “gamer culture” (if you can even call it that anymore) has a serious toxicity problem and nobody is prepared to admit it.


You shouldn’t feel resent against the hobby because many people are pricks. Every group suffers from this but I get that in the modern day it’s even more notorious. It’s important to find a solution to this but letting those people actually pushing you off from the hobby is giving them the victory in a silver plate.


Edit: Jeff Kaplan clarifies this in the Developer Update video: it is 480,000 player accounts. The Ars Technica article is unclear.

For consoles. It already existed on PC. 70% of those 480,000 disciplinary actions are attributed to the reporting system.


Recording drums and bass in studio today.


My turn


Playing online video games and not expecting toxic players and cheaters is like being a carpenter and being pissed at sawdust.


Now you’re just making excuses for shitty behaviour. Sawdust is a natural component of sawing wood. Being an utter cunt is not a natural part of playing games.



Every game has its toxic players, he’s saying you’re naive if you don’t expect a game to have them. Seems to me you’re just trying to pick a fight?


As one who goes out of my way to make toxic players more angry in games, i would indeed say that just like sawdust is a component of working with wood, so i salty behaviour in videogames. Well especially if i’m involved and i see my chance to poke the bear.


You still don’t get it. Claiming that toxic behaviour, rampant bullying, and harrasment via racist/sexist/homophobic slurs is just part and parcel of online gaming is to normalize those things. “It’s just how things are”, “Grow thicker skin”, etc. You’re siding with the people who cause these problems when you act defensive over it.

Clearly this is far beyond being a handful of individuals. Active development on Overwatch has literally slowed to a crawl and the team can’t release updates or patches in a timely manner, because they simply cannot keep up with policing toxic behaviour - 400,000 or so accounts of which has been deemed bad enough to warrant permanent exclusion. How much more evidence do you need?

There is no problem. There is no problem. There is no problem. Keep saying it until you believe it. Denying there’s a problem helps absolutely no one. Not you, not me, not the developers.


Guess what, that is normal. It’s called life. You’re never going to get a perfect community, or your own 1984-esque world. A lot of people are twats, and they are able to vent it more freely online. It’s not “normalising” it, because it is already a normal thing. You just need to deal with it and accept that’s what life is like.


I, as much as the next man, would love to see a happy, non-toxic community. But that’s not how a community works. If you want a community, you get all sides of it, whether you like it or not.


No it isn’t. Abuse, bullying, harassment in a video game is NOT normal. Your attittude is the problem, because it is making it normal and you’re just sat by and making excuses for garbage behavour.