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Yeah,they back away from me because they don’t smell as fabulous as I do and that makes them really jealous


Hahaha, when i started to use parfume, my friends asked me if i had fallen in a bottle of aftershave :joy:, so i started to moderate the use of parfume :flushed:.



My name is going to Mars, here is my boarding pass :smiley::

"My name is onboard the “passenger list” for the next mission to Mars-InSight!
InSight will launch in May, 2018. It will study the interior of Mars and listen for Marsquakes. "


where ?




I was talking about the name, I can’t seem to find them


What names? I removed my name in MS paint before posting the picture, if it was that you meant?


You said your name is going to mars


Yes it is :smiley: My name is onboard the “passenger list” for the next mission to Mars-InSight!
InSight will launch in May, 2018.


In real life ? woaaaaaaaah


Yes in real life :smiley: at least when i die, my name will forever stay on Mars, that will be the only proof of my existence, sad but true.


Is it free?


Hahaha, yes it’s free, remember only your name goes to mars, not yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Ik. Still. If its free, it’s worthless.


So anything that’s free in life is worthless? I can see that with somethings but not everything.


So sending your name to Mars forever will be worth something if you have to pay for it?


Tough to figure out where to put this post. Tv thread? Movie thread? General news? Ahh, screw it, it’s going in here.

So Netflix is coining a new term, “Binge Racing”, tracking and referring to people who watch an entire season of a show in one 24 hour period. Interestingly, when broken down by country, my couch potato fellow Americans came in 2nd to (gulp)…Canada??? I was certain my lazy countrymen would have more pride in their idolant, slacky, slothful ways. We’ll get you next year hosers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
More here:

Also, Nielson is going to try to measure SVOD viewing like they do with traditional networks with a strong focus on NF but to include other services as well. I don’t know how they could accurately do this. And NF seems a bit defensive about it. They are famously guarded about their actual viewership numbers and stats.
More on that here as well:

Just some tidbits I found interesting. :blush:

I’ve “binge raced” a few shows myself. Anyone else?


So, a situation just had a place that made me start to think where are we headed and how people get labeled.

Almost 4 years ago me and my close friend took these photos in his niece’s room when we were at the gym in his garage.

We thought it was funny for us grown men to sit in this pink and sweet room of his 6 y/o niece. We set these as our Facebook profile pictures, pledging to never change them because they’re funny and we like to laugh at ourselves. Mine stays while he changed his to this generic profile photo just yesterday. Well, not really he changed it, his girlfriend did.

I’m not salty about him changing it, just WHY he changed it shocked me and made me post about it here. He went working for the army just like two weeks ago and his fellow soldier buddies started to mock him for his profile picture, calling him a wimp, a namby-pamby, fag etc. They told him to change it because it looks bad. He didn’t really give a shit and just brushed them off, saying he doesn’t care about it, he’s had this picture for almost 4 years and he thinks it’s funny and it stays. Later that day his platoon, battalion leader or whatever it’s called, called him after his working hours giving him shit and telling him to change that profile picture to “preserve the soldier’s image” or whatever. My friend told about this whole ridiculous situation to his gf and she changed the picture to that one from the wedding. He said he’s not changing it back because he doesn’t want any trouble at work.

I dunno, I’m just shocked how some people treat this retarded social media and online lives in general. Like… really who cares if you’re a fucking furry (much love @scm97tl <3 ) or have a pink room in your house. Your duty is to do soldier’s duties when you’re on the job, right? I mean right? Not any of your supervisors should have the right to pull shit like that. Like what world are we living in… it’s just a fucking facebook picture for fuck’s sake. Nobody cares… or so I thought… Pathetic, really.


Yeah, it’s ridiculous. How is a soldier’s capability to perform their role affected by a Facebook photograph? It isn’t. These institutions have such an obsession with hypermasculinity and “discipline”, yet they feel threatened by the colour pink. Absurd.

Actually, I remember a discussion on this forum in which someone posted a picture of their PC and they had a pink mouse - Which led to lots of people asking if they were a girl because only girls like pink, etc - And it kickstarted a whole debate about it.