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Why are 3 of your boxes smiling? Are they happy to leave? Lol


Just noticed @Lilith has 666 likes. Congratulations! You seem the type of person that would appreciate such milestone.


You should see @Widowmaker , has 16 likes.


You know I was annoying as fuck, boi, don’t even deny it


Was waiting impatiently for your screeches mate.


Well done @Quinn you are talented too :wink:


I vote for @Quinn to write HITMAN season 2 soundtrack!!! :wink:


Just passed my driver licens test and now i’m able to drive around legally!


So you admid that you Have Been driving ILLEGALLY?


I amid to nothing! No i havn’t, but i been driving without a licens, yes. But with my teacher next to me


Listening to near finished mixes of our band’s new material today - I’m really proud of what we have created. Can’t wait to share it with the world. We’ll submit the songs for mastering today and hopefully release a new single in December.


guess who’s no longer regular for no reason ayyyy :ok_hand: :joy: :100:


Must be the new avatar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the club.


You may not be regular anymore but you have Gordis as an avatar,that sets you pretty high up.


Damn…you lost yours too? WTF is going on with the regular status situation? Ppl keep losing it for no reason it seems…:thinking:


The likely reason is that the criteria for regular status has changed - But to what, I have no idea.


I want to ask ampburner if he knows anything about it, but he probably has more important things to worry about. Plus, losing regular status is not the end of the world.


Oh well, I’ll look forward to binge reading the Naughty Members thread when it decides to come back.

@ampburner any ideas?


You don’t get any likes dude, that’s it.