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Wasn’t really sure where to post this, so just dumping it here. I found it interesting and quite agreeable too.


I do not think so. I believe both approaches are vital and must go hand in hand. The problem is that when they are, they are almost always poorly implemented.

An example would be to say that too much “videogames are art” could cause what happened to the latest God of War entries. Do you remember how in the earlyer games there were sometimes innocent civillians in destroyed urban environments, that you could kill for more HP for Kratos? That mechanic promotes violence to civillians and in such a viewpoint that games affect us and we should make them affect us as good as possible and not to promote something bad: it should stop and be replaced with something else. What else? More health chests and more HP breakables? I think that it provides variety to the gameplay to get HP in different ways… even if one of those ways rewards you for killing civillians. It is after all just a gameplay mechanic of a fiction videogame. But for the sake of the argument let’s agree that that is an issue. How did they solve it? They removed civillian women… thats it… I do not know who thought of killing civillian women to be a bigger issue than to kill civillians in general. More so in a videogame where there is always a sex minigame in which you have to fuck women for profit. That would be a bigger issue, to represent women only as a sex object that provides profit while also removing their equal representation as civillian urban citizens.

Same about watchdogs 2. The developer thought on making the game a bit more “realistic” by having NPCs in San Francisco sometimes walking without underwear; which allows for the exposure of genitals once you kill them. Of course, that presents an issue. The thought that someone may think “hey, I’m going to kill civillians in shorts or skirts just to check their crotch to then share it online” or “just for the lol”. Particularly because sharing in-game material to your twitter via PSN, no matter that it was in-game material, because it contained sexually explicit content it could get people banned from PlayStation. So how did they solve it? They removed vaginas but left all the penises. Apparently they assumed that the majority of the gamers must be straight males who would then be more attracted to killing women to check their crotch… and that removing vaginas would deminish the ammount of both civillian kills and crotch shares… which may as well be true, but still leaves the same problem to the male NPC side and because of it now the argument raises: “do women have an ugly monster in between their legs? No? Then why do you censor female freedom of expression in the form of not wearing underwear? They are, after all, giving males that right”. I think that it caused more problems than it solved.

Or even that argument after the release of battlefield 4’s first gameplay trailer. People were getting mad because weapons were the same as Battlefield 3 and even the weapon reload animations were the same. But if videogames affect our reality, we could try to make them realistic. Then, we should only put real weapons with the most realistic animation, right? Well that pisses people off because then the game does not innovate; after all it is a game. It should innovate. Even if that means making weapons up, or using (military speaking) inadequate or unrealistic reloading animations to have variation.

So overall I think both are necessary. Because only thinking of them as art may make them “solve problems that do not need solving” or “half-solving them and thus creating more”. Or just entirely forget that they should still offer renewed experiences each time.


On the way back from work I saw this in someone’s roof garden. Now to set the trap by shooting it for the perfect accident kill.


Hahaha, that’s perfect, no guards, so it’s just to wait for Dalia Margolis to come out and smoke a cigarette :joy:.


In the Berlin Velodrome waiting to see Jamiroquai.

Not a huge fan, but my friend has been wanting to see them for like 18 years so I tagged along as company.


One of my fave bands and one of the best live acts you’ll ever come across, seen them several times over the years, trust me, it’ll be awesome! Have a great night! :sunglasses:


Today is an interesting day for sure. Two of my favourite franchises have had TV shows confirmed.

I’m cautiously optimistic about both. Nothing will ever top the LOTR trilogy for me but “a new story proceeding Fellowship” has lots of potential, if done right. Hitman also has lots of potential, as long as they don’t make the same mistakes and go the guns blazing action hero route. Drop the spectacle, focus on the hits.


Hitman Sniper free this weekend! Thank you Square-Enix Montréal!


Cool one,definitely gonna check it out.


Once again, I am living for the snark of Travis’ Twitter.


Why are you thanking IO? it’s Square-Enix Montréal that behind this.


HAH! Hope Sqenix burns. They killed good titles and a possible sequel for Sleeping Dogs. AND TRIED TO KILL HITMAN. Fuck 'em.


Really? I thought IOI had all the franchise, including mobil games. Bad news! :disappointed:


You’re totally right, I’ll change it, sorry for that.


Dude. They let IO buy their freedom and gave them the rights to Hitman and Freedom Fighters. SE kept Hitman alive.


SE was decent on IO’s way out. I’ll admit that. But the way they go about their business is disgusting and how they got rid of IO for “not making the cut” still bothers me. Not as bad as Konami (which is probably the worst of the worst) or Activision (heh they are slowly redeeming themselves though,enphasis on slowly) or…I’ll be damned…EA,who are becoming butchers of studios themselves,I’ll also admit that. Still,their choices piss me off and I don’t condone any of the shit they tried to pull. At least they had the decency to let the studio that produced a GOTY award winning game survive,maybe I am a bit too hateful on their regards but maaaaan,Sqenix just rubs me the wrong way I suppose!


I get it - the shit that companies pull can seem unimportant until it affects something you care about, i.e. IOI and HITMAN - but when you think about it, SE is far from the worst out there.

Fuck EA. I’m one of the few that actually enjoys EA BF1 so what they did this time around pisses me off :stuck_out_tongue:


I really hate EA, but I love the BF games and played BF1 for 500 hours. I’m going to keep supporting BF series. Sadly Dice is owned by EA.


That´s my man.


Oh don’t get me started on EA. The way they killed ME’s credibility by giving it to Bioware Toronto and not Bioware Edmonton handing out A WORLDWIDE FAMOUS AND APPRECIATED SAGA to a bunch of amateurs and racists only to make it flop and suck ruining the brand and possibly killing it.
Plus their games are flooded by microtransactions,they strangled the life out of other talented studios like Visceral and generally stopped caring about the customer. Oh and their (no offense to people who enjoy them) their shitty football games that are recycled garbage on recycled garbage still somehow are hyped up.
But they STILL aren’t the worst IMO. The worst is Konami. I am not gonna get into it because I get overly salty about Konami but I think we can both agree that they are toxic.