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…You’re going to need to elaborate on this one.


I think the prime example of this was some dude named Manveer Heir. The internet went batshit crazy over this dude,he started tweeting some racist crap against white people and then a whole lot of people got upset about this (I mean,a pretty big scandal right?) and started shitstorming/boycotting the game because of their team. Plus at that time the facial animations thing also dropped and all of that other scandal with a completely unexperienced girl handling the animations of the game,so just a whole lot of garbage surrounding the game that made this “Manveer Situation” become the last straw for a lot of paying customers. Maybe racist is a strong word but that guy clearly has some “preferences” on races. He was pegged as a racist ever since that news broke out and people were calling for him to be fired. I’m surprised you didn’t know anything about it man! As of right now he seems to have toned it down (I’m pretty sure that the suits had a “talk” with him) but at the time he made the whole team look bad.


So point shooting is still present in HITMAN.


when did you find that and how do you do it


Woah,thats crazy OP now that we have unlimited instinct! And the animation looked kinda badass as well btw. How did you find this?


Currently, the nail on my big toe is only about 20% attached to the toe. I judged this to be pertinent information to the forum and decided to share it.


Ouch…I’ve been there before. Was not fun at all.


The biggest issue right now is using socks. Bit tricky.


Was that blood ejecting from the sniper?


@YourGudBudNel Your avatar reminds me of this. haha



Why can’t I use my lethal syringe on him while he’s sitting down?


@Vinnie_Sinistra heuehue the flash was too bright boiii oh and you have to wait for the target to sit in the operating theatre to administer the dose kinda sucks you cant do it anywhere else.

Something the devs sbould bring back is poking needles in people’s neck while they are sitting :smile:


Well yeah I know. I just meant in general. We should be able to use syringes, fiberwire, and snap necks while NPCs sit down. Lol


Good news for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 fans :grinning::


Can’t we already do that while subduing someone who is sitting down?


It’s only good if they revamp it to be only cosmetic etc. Otherwise, they are just stalling to get brief good exposure so they can just put the system right back again.


Dont be fooled my friend, EA is a greedy bitch that’ll find any way to get money out of your pocket. Boycott the game.


There’s an article already that states they are not backing out of the “game-boosting” choice with microtransactions


I do not trust EA. They’ll find a way to fuck their users in the ass. Always do. Fuck Battlefront,fuck their continuous reach for our pocket and fuck them is what I say.
I hope their game dies faster than Destiny 2. Which is saying a lot,that game died in,what,2 months?


Well I’ve been busy with my kids and doing a ton more drawings :Do I’ve managed to get a tattoo apprenticeship at my store I work in so I’ll start that in the new year! So excited to be learning to do something that I love and it will be plenty of money to support my family. :smiley: