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I reccomend not buying anything EA (battlefield, mass effect, fifa, madden, mlb, need for speed, star wars…) too much of a grind on all of those who contain multiplayer and (recently) much disappointing single players.

What genres are you interested in?


First person games, third person games, a few other genres. Sorry I’m tired. Mind you, it doesn’t help that GAME is pretty rubbish with PC games, and I don’t own a PS4 or Xbox One or Switch. I plan to buy Gran Turismo Sport for my dad but don’t think it is right to do that without my own money.

Might help if I go to their store tomorrow and just have a look around myself.


You can probably buy Steam Wallet credit there, with those little gift card things. That might work.


That’s actually a very good idea, I might just do that then.


Project Cars 2 >>> Gran Turismo Sport. Just sayin’. Fact.


But my dad likes Gran Turismo better. Memories of playing GT3 and GT4 on the PS2.


Wolfenstein II maybe?

Don’t buy Gran Turism Sport, it’s just online with training and arcade in single player, i wouldn’t buy Project Cars 2 either, i did and deleted it after couple hours, the AI is better than PC1 but not good enough.

If you can buy steam wallet credit there, i would check this game out, it’s just awesome :grinning: and i’m playing it almost every day :blush: .


I have played GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5 and GT6.

Memories? Bro. Precisely. GTS is shit compared to any GT that came before it. Project Cars 2 is the best simulator out there right now.


I think I need to rephrase myself. My dad wants GT Sport, not me, and he is not a gamer. That’s what he wants for Christmas, so that is what I am getting him. He’ll probably only put in a few hours into it as well. He also already owns Project Cars 1 as well and an F1 game too. He’ll be fine I’m sure.

@ingrobny Wolfenstein II looks good, but to be honest, I’m not that excited for it. I liked the New Order but didn’t love it, so will probably wait for a sale. The Long Dark doesn’t sound like my cup of tea I’m afraid, I feel abit fatigued from survival games and just not interested in more of them.

Honestly, the one game I might wind up buying is Dragon Ball FighterZ, that game has gotten me really hyped and so I might put the money towards that. No other games at the moment really making me too excited right now, and I have some games I need to play. In fact, I plan to give Final Fantasy VI a shot in a few days and really want to try and get into it.

Thank you for the suggestions though.


My mother called on Monday to tell me that my father had a major heart attack on Friday, fortunately he was in an ambulance when it happened (they were taking him to the hospital to check on a minor one) so he’s okay, stable in hospital and currently awaiting transfer to another hospital so he can get surgery.

Have to admit it’s hitting me harder than I expected.


Sorry to hear this. I hope he is doing better. What was the cause of the heart attack? Was it a blockage?


I don’t think they’re certain on that. He called an ambulance to look at him because he was feeling bad and had chest pain, and the ambulance workers didn’t like the look of his tests they did so they loaded him up and on the way he had the major one. From what I gather they’re concerned because imaging shows his heart has more damage than they expected and they don’t have a conclusive answer right now.


Damn, sorry to hear that. Hope he makes a good recovery - And the silver lining is he was in the company of medical professionals when it happened and they knew exactly what to do.


So sorry to hear the bad news @Jarbinger

Have confidence and consolation in the fact there are many medical professionals devoting their attention to his recovery right now. Let’s hope his surgery goes well, with the coming days bringing him renewed strength.


Pretty sure I had the best view in the house when I went to see Opeth the other night.


Hahaha, that’s great man, that’s always what I do if I can’t see


I’m 6ft 4, so I rarely have trouble seeing (Unless the guy in front of me decides to hold his fucking phone up right in front of my line of sight).


Let me know if you’re coming anywhere near London, can meet up for a beer if you like :smiley:


Damn man,sorry to hear it. Hope your old man gets better very quickly. And about it hitting you harder than expected,I know how it feels all too well and I hope surgery goes well. If you ever need to vent we’re here for you