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Just when i thought something is missing.
This forum surprised me yet again. This place never seems to be less interesting. Good luck @Mads47


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General News Thread 2.0

Good news. Surgery was successful and my father is recovering fine thusfar.


That’s wonderful to hear man. Glad it worked out if him.


Hell yeah man! Your father is a tough guy isn’t he? :joy:
Hope he has a speedy recover!


And you have your regular status back @Spodey, cool :grinning:.


So do I.

I guess we really are the same person.


That’s cool! Hahahah, who knew a person could have two so different personalities.


A post was merged into an existing topic: General News Thread 2.0


Well, I just completed the New User and Advanced User tutorial. Why haven’t a lot of people completed the advanced one? It’s literally as easy as the new user.


I don’t think anyone knows what that is.


When you join the server, you get a PM from discobot. If you do the thing he tells you to do in the original post, he’ll tell you another thing. The idea is that it is supposed to be a tutorial and how to use the website. Once you complete the first one, it gives you a certificate and the “Certified” badge. Then if you choose to do the advanced one by typing:

@discobot start advanced user

And finish the whole tutorial, you get a license and earn the licensed badge. Currently only 3 people have it, surprisingly.

And since it’s a PM, it’s never deleted. So even if you didn’t do it when you first joined, you can still do it right now.

We all learn new things every day, don’t we? proves that school was useless, joke joke Kappa uhuhuheuhe


I never recieved that PM, so i can’t get this badge :cry: and i will never be certified :flushed:.


Just type the command in any thread and replace “advanced user” with “new user”. You’ll get the PM from discobot. Just follow along, and once you’ve completed at, do the advanced one by, like before, replacing “new user” with “advanced user”. Just do it here, and then delete the post once you get the PM.


Can i do it in a pm to @discobot ?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.



As discobot said, you can also display help if you ever, you know, need help.


Hahaha and the bot answered:

I have found myself a new friend and it is a robot :joy:.


I’m doing the new user turtorial now, i have a great time with my new friend, but now he ask me to flag him… :cry: but i don’t want to.



And i learned some new tricks :grinning:.


So Penis update, I been in contact with surgical clinic. They told me the earliest time for a consultation is November 17th 2018 and i already know how it’s going to go. The Doctor is going to say “the string is to short and there is scare tissue, we have remove it” (just like my own Doctor said). Then I’ll probably have to wait another month and a half for the minor surgery. Well looks like sex is out of the window until late Winter.

I think i’ll call them tomorrow and ask for “emergency time” if there is a canceling in their schedule. I just want them to stab old third leg with a 30 cm needle and then go to work as fast as possible. I worked up my courage to get it done, getting two month time extra to think, is not going to make me any more comfortable.