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No Fap November and December it seems like. Hey at least once you get it fixed it’s done once and for all


Yeah that is one thing i look forward to, plus there are no medical expenses for me to cover. Long live free health care!




Free healthcare is good and all,don’t get me wrong,but this gif of the glorious master and leader of the democratic and techonologically advanced country of personal freedom also known as North Korea,Kimberly Johnson Undertaker is the only free health care I need tbh.
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What’s up with this!? Hitman Forum downloaded Twitch Player to my pc :open_mouth:?


Weird, but i clicked [forkast] on english [discard] but when i refresh this page, it tries to download it again :open_mouth::

Okay, do you know if it is a real Twich Player or something fishy?


That happens all the time on my phone.
It’s nothing to worry about


It happens because people from forum post twitch links in the thread.
You might get a download even if someone posted a link in the first post of 4000 posts thread.
It’s annoying but I trust my fellow hitman fans it’s not fishy :upside_down_face:


I’m back in the mountains to start my winder season job.

Today I got 200 € in tax return and bought a new jacket for the winter, but had to take it to a tailor because the sleeves are too long so I told my mom "WHY DIDN’T YOU MAKE ME TALLER?!"

Outside is snowing, inside the Hotel I have high speed internet and food.

I feel more at home here than in my town and I just started to watch this amazing series: The Punisher!

I’m at episode 7 by the way



Guys, I think I figured out which Hotel @badeaguard works in…


hahahaha good one :joy:







Its too cold for them now. That will be a summer problem.


I recognize that energy drink, you been to Lidl, also is it any good?


Hi HitmanForum it’s been a while.

Recently a few of you guys may have noticed a got a new job. The amount of information I’ve learned has been awesome, I love the job and the people I work with and I’m still finding there are days where the more experienced guys completely fry my brain. Unfortunately it gets stressful at times, like any good challenging job should, so usually I’ll come home after work and just want to die on the couch.

I also got a new car to replace the car I had for 5 or so years. I was planning on getting an Evo 8, but unfortunately I had a car accident and needed to replace my car quickly to get to work and back everyday. So now i’m back to saving for a car I actually want, my current car only being a placeholder until I get around to getting the car I originally wanted.
(Picture similar to my car, except white)


Good lookin’ car for a place holder man,good to know you are working your way up in life! I got a big bump at my firm as well! (I work there as a intrerpreter) and I gotta say,it’s satisfying,I’m so close to buying the car of my dreams,I have been saving for quite while for it(it’s an Alfa Romeo). Sometimes I would like to drop dead because I feel tired buuuut hey,that’s the name of the game,no pain no gain. No rhyme intended.


So tweets like this keep me going.


Yup, that is correct. I think this is one of the best under mark energy drinks out there. I like it a lot.


Ah yes, I can relate. Ran into a similar situation this past spring. Lost my beloved Jeep and needed a quick replacement (small beater pickup). Now further behind on getting the Jeep I want :disappointed_relieved:.

Congrats on the job! In a couple years you’ll be the one frying the new kid’s brains with your knowledge and expertise. :sunglasses::+1:





There will be my 20th birthday on Friday and I made for this occasion a charity fundraising on Facebook for fundation, which helps adult people who are mentally disabled… I invited all my Facebook friends, only 4 payed something. (What I’m happy about). I don’t know how to promote this action more. :pensive: