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I’ve been really busy with school recently, finals are in a couple weeks.

In other words, the forest fires in California have been actually pretty close to where I am. Like, I don’t have school and one of the cities west of me had to evacuate. The fires been slowly spreading to where I am.

Im pretty nervous, ngl. I never thought it would spread to where I am.


Wow, scary stuff. Do you have a plan or done any pre-packing in case you do need to leave? Best of luck. Stay safe.


Yeah, kind of. We’ve started to pack some personal items in a box, as well as having an escape plan to my grandma’s house who lives in a town south of where I am.


Happy Birthday!!!
Care to share that facebook link?


Thank You!!! :smile:

If You want to donate, here is the link:

I hope being in the other country does not block the payment possibility.


ESL Pro League in Odense 2017


Fntaic vs. OpTic Gaming, sadly Fnatic won.


http://www.imf.org/external/datamapper/[email protected]/OEMDC

According to the link above, Venezuelan inflation rate is of 652% annualy.

The 3rd of September I bought a bag of nachos with a dip sauce for 15.000 Bs. Today not 90 days have passed and those same products are now 100.000 Bs. Meaning an inflation of 667% in a quarter of the time predicted by the IMF in their yearly analysis of 2017.

I can not state enough times how much it enfuriates me when other nations stupidly underestimate just how bad we are. Communism is a disease.

I am mad even at Google and Huawei because when I type something with the Gboard or the Swype Huawei it should suggest me a similar word or a correction. There is no correction, nor suggestion, nor confirmation that the word exists when I type hyperinflation in spanish. Apparently Google didn’t think anyone who speaks spanish could possibly think of using that word.


I agree, this is bad, but i didn’t know Venezuela was a communist country? I’m not sure what you can call Venezuela these days, but it’s not communism and i had to read a bit about this:


So in short, no, Venezuela is not communist nor socialist. They tried to get to socialism, but the conditions were not met, and that´s not something you can force. Venezuela is capitalist with a socialist leaning goverment, which is a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved.

The closest answer someone can give you is: it’s neither since al least the last decade or so. Today, public policy is based exclusively on what’s the best strategy to maintain the dictatorship; and the ideology most closely resembles a Semi-controlled Anarchy.

Is a populist government with confusing rules mixing some “socialist” and “communist” concepts in “state capitalism” who says act in the name of the people. Thus, state owns almost every natural sources industry as oil, iron, gas, power, telephone and communications. There are millions of workers in the payroll of state companies with the management leading by militaries .


Accurate, but not entirely correct. The politics in my country are sort of like a car with a yatch engine, a schoolbus transmission, 3 motorcycle wheels and a carriage wheel, the steering wheel is where the side door should be, you get in by the bottom, and it brakes saying “sloooow” like when riding a horse.

It makes no sense and it is a mix of a bunch of concepts that shouldn’t hold up together but somehow the car still runs.

It is populism and totalitarianism at the same time. The government has full control over all natural resources and foreign economy, with a lot of expropiation going on. So they have full monopoly of the biggest markets and where they don’t they claim the big companies that control everything have a war against them preventing them from winning money for the people.

Because of this I just want to repeat exactly what I said you a few months ago already: to think that “communism” as created by Marx is an actual thing that can happen without complex situations halting or steering the original course is just fucking stupid. Every practical attempt at putting this theory in practice has resulted in utter misery. What you think are communist ideals are just an illusion. They can not happen. “Macro” scaled societies can not work under them. Those who practice it at a “Micro” scale suffer the same degree of torment as the book/movie Animal Farm if they’re not “pigs”. To keep thinking that an extreme left government who is in misery failed to achieve communism is just nonsense. Communism in practice can only be defined by all of the resulting outcomes of its implementation; which are disease, hunger, suffering and death.


I think Venezuela gave up on all pretence of being a socialist or communist country when this happened


One of my videos on my YouTube channel hit 1000 views for the first time!


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You’re not doing right if you’re not getting dislikes :wink: Thanks a lot for saying that ingrobny :blush:

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Yep. Woke up to read that. President says that parties who in a form of protest restrained themselves from participating in the municipality (mayor) elections, were telling people not to vote (which they kind of did. But it is not a crime) and because of it they will now be forbidden from participating on the presidential elections. And literally, the only 3 presidential candidates everyone was talking about were from those 3 parties. VP, AD and PJ.


Wait, what about this makes it any less of a socialist/communist country? It’s not like there hasn’t been any socialist or communist one party states before.


I spent a lot time weighing up the pros and cons of Nursing and Social work. Decided to pursue Nursing and I have been invited to an interview at my first choice of university in February :slight_smile:


Woah that’s a noble profession. I dig it. Hope they will accept you mate


Thanks! I’m looking forward to the interview. I’ve been working in care now for two years and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be able to develop and shape a career.


decided not to take an Amtrak to Indiana in December like I wrote months back, but I’m taking a flight to Virginia in three weeks to see my fiancee and my best friend, so yeah, life could be better right this second, but it’s about to get to be the best here in a minute.

the worst moments in life fucking suck, but it gets better. it honestly really, really does, and i’m not here to sell you some “everything is perfect” snake-oil horseshit about “just smile, it’ll get better :)” but honestly, as time goes on, pain fades and more opportunities to do shit arise. depression still fucks me over sometimes, but i wanna go down in this life swinging.


As long as you work hard your career will shape however you want it to shape,keep that in mind. Put in the effort and it always will work out. Go geddem and become the best at nursing there is! Make us proud!