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Thank you, I’ll try my damn hardest :slight_smile:


And you will succeed :sunglasses:


I’m back ! :grinning:
If there was something I learned of the 2 weeks I spent away, it’s that I can survive without the beautiful company here.

I want to apologize for making an alternate account and returning under a false name. Hopefully, I won’t do it again. Looking forward to hanging around again :grin:
Overall, feels great to be here again


Great to have you back!


lataus (3)
My reaction


Thanks :kissing_heart:


Where’s your silencer ? huehueheu


I missed you senpai,the nights on the forum have been lonely without your dank memes.


Hahaha, I will make them sure to come again :smirk:


I manage to land a job at the bar for my best friend where I work :smiley: This is going to be awesome.


Cheers man,now you got a buddy to drink red bull with eheh


I’m more happy I have some one to play at the playstation with. And drink Red Bull


and binge watch Netflix series


After the somewhat muted response I got for my last short film… I’ve decided I need to get back to doing longer form more ambitious short films.


So I’m getting back on that saddle.


Some free games:


Yesterday my cat Henry peed several times right in front of me on the floor, and it looked very painful for him, so i took him to the Vet, he touched his belly for a short time and send me as an emergency to the Animal Clinic in the Neighbourtown.
Turns out his urethra and his bladder was blocked by crystals, like kidneystones. the Vets in the Animal Clinic put him into narcosis and he got a catheter. they washed his bladder and urethra out, yesterday and today again, and said everything looks fine now, so hopefully i can get him home tomorrow.
My heart is still crying, my Cat is my Family.


Stay strong, Play Mortal Kombat. Watch spme godzilla and you’ll be fine :grinning:


Thank you, thats exactly what i’m going to do, otherwise i’ll go nuts because the worries about my Cat :cry:

i expect the Vets Bill is about 700€, thank god its december and i got 500€ Christmas Bonus from my workplace!


Y’all should pick up Oxenfree if you like Stranger Things and/or Life is Strange


Some plonker at work obviously doesn’t understand the phrase Secret Santa.