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Final show of 2017 for me. No work until 2nd January. Time to relax.


Give us an update on Henry when you get time, hope the little fella’s okay!


Hope the little fella heals up,it’s always sad when our beloved pets get hurt,they become part of the family!


He is still in the clinic, tomorrow i will get a call and hopefully good news.

i keep you guys informed, when i get an update.


Good news would be some good Christmas Gift


Your cat is in clinic? What happened? :frowning:


@badeaguard still hoping for a christmasmiracle


That sound bad. I guess you have to put Henry on some sort of diet to fully recover him and avoid another episode like this.


Hope Henry is in good health now my breda, take care and dont worry :smiley:


And a happy new year!


Merry Christmas to all of You, Guys… and Henry!!!


To everybody :grinning:, but the bear is for @scm97tl :wink:.

And i just want to say, even i’m not that active here for the moment, Hitman forum is till open in my browser everyday, but since i play Gran Turismo Sport and i play it a lot :joy:, it’s more natural that i’m more active on the GTplanet forum which is a forum for all the big racing games and if people wonders if i behave the same on all forums, i think this will give you a hint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::

A bit more active here as well for the moment, since i play The Long Dark quite often :grinning::

GTplanet covers many racing games :grinning::



Merry Christmas Hitman Forum :christmas_tree:
I’m very sorry for being so inactive lately, I’ve got a few problems at the moment which need to be solved before I can concentrate on other things again. Anyway, I wish you all great holidays.


Merry Christmas? Ya’ll wishing Christmas earlier than Australia?
Couldn’t be me.


Here in Norway the christmas eve is the 24th, that is the day many (not all though) people goes to the church, having christmas dinner around 17:00 with family and opens christmas presents a bit later in the evening :grinning:.


The more you know! :stuck_out_tongue:


Merry christmas faggots _01217df3df7ddc6ea904f7c0143b25ee
Merry Christmas😁


Merry Xmas evedybody!


Today i took Henry home from the animal clinic, its good to have him back and its good to see that he is healthy again.
we cuddled the whole day and i feel hes glad to be home again. he is amused about the fact that i continue too feed him with the dietfood, but he will get used to it! :wink:

Just wanted to update and thank you guys, for your interest and your mental support!

We wish you a purrfect Christmas!


Hooray for Henry! Glad he is home and doing well. Happy Xmas indeed.