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He’s even cuter than I imagined! :heart_eyes:


Celebrated the first Christmas with my girlfriend at my parents yesterday, it went very well and today we took a trip down to visit her parents. Where we took part in the yearly julefrokost (Christmas lunch) with friends and family. The concept is a full day of eating and drinking alcohol.

Pickle herring, fried fish, salmon, eggs and shrimps, sausage, pork, meat balls, liver paté, rye bread and other stuff.

Beer, snaps and whine. It’s common practice that you take a shot of snaps every time we say cheers (which is often).

Now we just have to do the hole thing again with my mother’s side of the family, then my fathers, my girlfriend’s workplace and my friends. Julefrokost is a big thing I Denmark.

We also have a Easter lunch, basically the same concept. But with more chicken and egg themed food.


What a great Christmas story! Henry is amazing :smile:


Thanks! i had to pay 1084€ for his Treatment in the clinic, that means no one gets a christmaspresent from me this year, but fuck it, my cat is alive and healthy!

and heres a baby Henry



Ahh, that’s great to hear man, perfect Xmas present for you :+1:


I think you gave Henry already good present😉


I think you gave all of us a present :kissing_heart::tada::balloon::balloon:


They won’t mind. A pet’s worth every penny.

Ate chitlins for the first time at Christmas dinner today. Good God, the smell of it all… And I thought intestines smelled bad raw. At least the taste was nowhere near as offputting.


Tons of fireworks here in Amstelveen/Amsterdam


HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Let’s hope that it’s better than the pile of shit that was 2017.


2017 had Trump,Kim Jong Un going ballistic,Jake Paul,Ajit Pai,Tragedies and shootings left AND right,some celebs dying here and there,a swatter succesfully swatting and causing the death of a 28 years old father,Lil Pump…I mean…how can 2018 be ANY WORSE THAN THIS GOD FORSAKEN HELL HOLE?


Because all of those things are going to continue and then more things are going to happen too.


It could all be so easily fixable if I had a functioning Death Note…

giphy (6)


3 impossible things could make 2018 better for the US and for the rest of the world.

Trump resign.

The Second Admendment is thrown in the garbage and all guns is impounded from people without hunting, competition shooting or active members in shooting clubs license.

Kim Jong-Un resign and NK will have a democratic election for a new leader or after Kim resign, NK and SK will be one country.

As i said impossible, but in my opinion these things could make this world and the US a better and safer place than it is righ now.


To be honest I don’t think this is the right approach to for North Korea to just go from closed off dictatorship to a democratic country over night. They should approach it similar to how China changed, not that China is a prime example of a free country. Compared to Russia and how it affected the country after the change from the Soviet Union to a “democratic” country. It clear that China is doing much better, especially because the implement change gradually. Russia just switched one dictator out with another and they are suffering.

But NK will never change as long as their is a Jong-Un on the throne.


That’s why i said it would be impossible :grinning:, but to change a country, you have to start somewhere and a start would be Kim Jong-Un resign and all in his regime goes with him and NK could have a democratic election and elect a non dictator leader or make Korea one country again and the leader is the leader SK have now.


This is ilogical beyond reason. People who have been taught to live under absolutism will never want for democracy over night without at least two generations of new education. To say both koreas would unite if he resigned is stupid unless the time frame is of at least 50 years.

Just look at how the arab spring ended… i’m telling you, democracy can not be forced. And even when people DO want it, they can still be brainwashed into electing scum like Trump.


True, but without the election system the US have (The United States Electoral College is the mechanism established by the United States Constitution for the indirect election of the president and vice president of the United States. Citizens vote in each state and the District of Columbia at a general election to choose a slate of “electors” who are pledged to vote for a particular party’s candidate.), Trump would not be a President, he lost the election by 2,8 million votes.

for the rest…

i said it would be impossible at least 2 times :wink:.


I volunteer for a charity shop picking up donations from houses. I need to renew my licence for doing this and they need 4 documents for doing this, 1 of them being my MOT. I’ve been searching for over half an hour now and I can’t find the damn thing.

It’s my fault, I have a bad habit of putting something somewhere when I don’t need it, and then utterly baffled as to where the damn thing is.


Just start placing everything important in one spot, like a bookshelf. Even if it’s messy, you’ll be certain what you are looking for is there and has to appear. An extra advice, always have 3 copies of every kind of vital-info. paper. Both official copies and black-and-white ones.