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That’s what these are for, i have all my important papers in a folder similar to this:

13-Pocket expanding file keeps documents organized

The one i have is alphabetical though.


In the UK the DVLA can check for the MOT for you. Otherwise ask the last garage that ran the test, if you can remember


I’ve managed to find it thankfully, but yes, you guys are right, I do need to be better organised.


So, realizing this might be better to post at a computer forum of some sort, I figured I could shoot this out here first.

What’s new? Well, what’s new is I am having problems when booting up my (1 year old) computer.

In essense, it starts up, fans start, all of my gear that gets power from it (keyboard etc) light up, but my screen stays black, and the power button on my screen blinks.

Restarting my computer I will eventually get the screen to get a signal, after which it works just as normal, but it seems like I have to put more time into the restarting bit every time, which worries me.

May or may not be of interest to know that I am currently using a HDMI to VGA adapter for my screen since it is so old that it doesn’t support HDMI, and I purchased the adapter 1 year ago as well.

Could it be the screen that’s malfunctioning or is this more likely a problem with the comouter, like the motherboard? Does anyone know how to do diagnostics for this? Or have any other tips?

Please keep in mind, I am a illiterate when it comes to computer hardware.


@Kent may I ask what screen you are you using? I have had the same problem with my screen (AOC G-sync G2460PG) My friends who own the same monitor (but with free sync), have had the same problem. I never really fixed the problem or found a solution, it kinda just “fixed” itself. But if it’s a AOC monitor it might be a common bug.

A possible solution could be to try a different cable, HDMI, Display Port to see if it’s a connection problem.


Mine is a Viewsonic VA2216W, it’s not the same model.

Was your problem at one time getting progressively worse? Mine started out needing only one reboot of my computer, after the first boot of the day, now it needs many. I am getting worried I won’t be abe to get my computer up and running soon, and I’d rather have a clue of what’s going on before that happens. :wink:


It happened a lot over a period over a month if not more, that more often the not when i booted my PC everything would turn on, except the screen. The monitor would say “No Signal” after a reboot everything would go back to normal.

Have you tried testing the PC with another monitor or even TV screen? to see if it’s the PC or the monitor itself.

Another thing that could be a problem is how much power your pc consumes, like it being on a power saving mode. I found an article that could shred some light over it.


This sounds like motherboard problem. I also had similar issue with my 5 year old laptop. For 1 year old machine it should not happen. Hope you are still under warranty.


My screen is super old though. Found that this can happen when a capacitor fails in the make of my screen, so since I was already intending on buying a new I went out and bought one. So far this (new) one works.

For the time being, I would say my problem is solved. Will see what happens next time I need to reboot though.

Thanks for all of the tips all the same.

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My screen is too big now. LMAO.

Naw, I think I’ll get used to it, but it almost feels like I’ll need to roll my chair back a little bit. :slight_smile:


You had a computer problem and you bought new monitor within 3 hrs? That’s something.


I’d been holding off on buying a new screen for at least a year, seemed like good time to do it, while also checking my theory.

I am fairly well off money wise, so it’s not a big thing really.


What monitor did you buy? also don’t forget to post about it in the ‘Last Purchase’ thread!


So I just watched @Kotti do a speed run at AGDQ of a game that… well that’s probably the closets I’m ever going to come to a bad acid trip.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/217062070 (Game starts at 31:20:00, more or less)

Sample here:


After watching groups about this being suggested on my Facebook, I got a lot of curiosity about what it was. Turns out to be an early 2000’s show from Japan intended for kids, wich bizarre and sometimes crude setting makes me question how kids were the target audience.

Here you have. Enjoy the peculiarity of this example of 3-D animation and uncanny feelings.


the humor seems pretty morbid and not in a wacky way. Ghost was pretty shocking in a crude way.

i do like the wolf in the mask alot. I cant shake the feeling the sun man and the wolf are meant to represent something. Like a clever and dumb trickster


It is interesting. It geniuinely make me laugh a bit but it’s pretty out of place that it was intended for little kids just for the lots of violence and crude themes. And yes, wolf guy with changing masks is the best.


Japan, this is why we can’t have nice things…


Now it’s 180.000 btw… 1200% in 4-5 months.

Our congress says the annual inflation ended in 2600% actually. And the government increased the wages only on 400%. Do you figure out why there’s people rioting for food now? Not much of a surprise when inflation surpasses your wage 7 times.


Sounds like they’re trying to starve people out…or a certain group.


Well after 107 lootings in 11 days you could say people are hungry, yes. It’s working.