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I’m a little late, but sorry to hear about the loss of your father. My condolences FantumX.


Guy used a fucking coin distraction stealing shit from cash at work yesterday. Tossed a thing on the ground, person turned around and picked it up, did his thing unnoticed. Saw it all on video, craziest shit.


Not saying video or it didn’t happen, but video and I’ll be most pleased


Video was store surveillance so I can’t copy or share it, but here’s how it went down. Guy is standing in line, wants to see if he can get anything behind first cash. Throws a thing infront of customer by him (no cashier on first cash atm), in about 3-4 seconds he reaches behind cash while she literally turns around, bends over and picks it up.

All the complete truth. That wasn’t the end of the story, but it was the best part.


What’s the end of the story?


Well he actually wasn’t able to get what he wanted at first cash (lock in place), so after his stumble he distracted the cashier at second cash by asking her to turn around and look at something basically. He got his loot and left, turns out he’s done this many times before on our store chain.


You ever catch him?



First time I’ve even seen him, he’s as generic as it gets (white guy, short brown hair). He was really brazen, if it goes this well regularly he will probably look to up his game and that is likely what will get him caught.


New rumours about Modern Warfare 2 remastered


The first CoD I’ve ever played getting a remaster?

Hey, I might just actually buy another CoD game.


MW3 was the best one for me. I’m waiting for that.


Same here. MW3 was perfect. I loved this game so much.


Here’s hoping they don’t package it with another game, only to release it a couple months later on its own.


You are brave, but foolish


Don’t fall for the trap man. I fell for the whole “World war is back” thing a while back with WW2 AND I REGRET IT DAMNIT.


In the UK, most of our weather is blown in from the west. However, unusually we are getting winds from the east, from the likes of Siberia. Scotland will get the brunt of it, with the East Coast getting the worst of it, and would you like to guess where I live?

Current weather forecast for tomorrow, the last day of Feburary, is -4C, 16mph winds, and fucking snow. I imagine to the Americans on here that isn’t so bad, but we barely had anything like this during the actual winter. Apparently there’s already been 4 lethal crashes, and worries about the damage this could do up here.

Tomorrow is going to be fun.


It’s even colder here in Norway, right now it’s -14C, but tomorrow the forecast says it will be -17C :open_mouth:, but i don’t know how cold it is usally in the UK and maybe -4C is pretty low? Since fotball is played during the winter in the UK i mean, maybe -1C is normal?


I think the absolute coldest it got here last year was something like -7C. -4C during Spring is very cold, at the moment the last few weeks have been around 5-10C during the day. Sorry to hear about Norway, I take it you guys are prepared for this weather though?


It is colder than usual?



I’m grateful global warming denial is far far smaller in the UK than the USA.