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Yeah, we are used to this, but right where i live, -17C isn’t that often in the winter, usally it is between -8C to -15C. but other parts of Norway have had -30C and i’m glad i don’t live there :joy:.


Sorry to hear that, hope you stay safe Ingrobny.


I will be fine with wool from top to toe :smiley:, this cold from Siberia will soon vanish and the spring will soon be here.


Last night here was -25 and something :smiley: I live in a mountain.


“in” a mountain? You’re not Ernst Stavro Blofeld, are you?


Got to google who that was :smiley: Nope, I work as a night porter in a resort at 1700 altitude.



Edit: Did he go to a doctor?


Wow, that is some job. You don’t happen to work at that clinic in Hokkaido, do you? I hear there have been a couple of nasty accidents up there.

Also, Blofeld is James Bond’s biggest nemesis. In You Only Live Twice, he has a base in the inside of a mountain.


It’s -26 C here right now. I’m thinking of going to a nearby nature reserve, wait for the sunrise there and then walk back. It’s supposed to be roughly ten degrees warmer in the afternoon, so it might be fun enjoying the outdoors as it gets continuously lighter and warmer.



Holy shit, it is snowing here in Plymouth. They usually get it out on the moors but it’s been like 10 years since it has settled here in the city. I need to get milk but I also don’t want to go out. I think the last time I saw snow settle where I lived was about 20 years ago when I lived up in Cambridgeshire.


I’ve been out for a while. Can anyone clue me in on these new hitman comics?


It keeps going, earlier today there was nothing at all.


Met Office has upgraded Scotland to a Red Alert for weather now.



My city has shat itself and died due to the snow. All buses were cancelled in the middle of rush hour leaving people stranded. I’m working until 1130pm and will have to walk 90 minutes in the cold to get home. Bollocks.

Grit the damn roads or something idk


I don’t know man. It sounds safer if you stayed overnight at your job, provided the heat is working.


That’s pretty late.What’s your job?


Sound engineering. Amazingly our show wasn’t cancelled and is sold out. I’d say 75% of the audience made it out too.

Guess I’ll sleep on the console…


Finally I’m back! I was too busy to spend more time on here given I was away studying in Europe.