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Is uber an option?


Cool, what are you studying ?


I missed you papa


Just got home. 1.15am. Cold and hungry but feeling good. Yay. Quite a nice walk actually


Go eat. :slight_smile:
20 breakfasts


I have this girl from Russia that works at the Hotel I’m employed. I’m at the reception at night and she’s an Animation staff for kids during the day. We get to see each other sometimes when she has stuff to do that keeps her working a bit till late.
We never spoke much but my room mate likes her a bit so he asked me if I can ask her for facebook and so on.

One night I manage to talk to her and just asked for her facebook telling her that is not for me but for my friend that likes her. She made a huge smile when I told her and at the same time was curious who it was. I explained to her but somehow after 2 months that they both work here she had no idea who he was.
So I showed her a picture and that smile faded away slowly :joy:

Any way, she still gave me her facebook and since we kinda know each other I send her a friend request.
Got accepted and of course first thing I had to do was to check her out.
Big surprise she is into cosplay and had a few photo shots with guns (airsoft).

Yesterday I was quite in a happy mood and she came to ask for some copies of drawings for the kids to color.
While I was doing those copies I couldn’t resist and started a conversation bout her cosplay and asked if she’s into weapons.
Big surprise she knew a lot about firearms. She told me that when she was younger she practice a sport where you shoot at targets and her favorite weapons are Snipers.
Also she knows some stuff about videogames as well and she cosplayed Gerald from Witcher.

Then a question comes in my mind to ask her and here it goes "Do you know about the Hitman videogame series?"
Fuck me she knew about it. But I didn’t understood if she ever played the game or just heard about it.
Male instinct kicked in quick so I had to impress her with photos of my Silverballer replica and the WA2000 :sunglasses:

Man… That smile from the other day came back in a heartbeat. It’s very rare for me seeing girls enjoying to see guns and she was all like WOW, so cool. OMG I love the Sniper. All the rest of the coworkers that I showed or talked about my replicas were meh…

Liking a lot that smile I propose to bring tomorrow at least the Silverballer at a certain hour to show her and shoot at something. And today I did it.
I was very impressed the way she managed it. She didn’t just took the gun in hand and pressed the trigger.
She took it, studied it, reloaded it, aimed and shot a plastic cup on the first try :astonished:

I don’t really like this girl, or I mean I’m not attracted to her. She’s not the typical tall blonde Russian model.
But the way she was holding my Silverballer and looking at her joy in using it, gave me goosebumps on the back of my head. I don’t know, I had one those mini pleasures that I have no idea how to explain.

I asked her out when she’s free to go out in woods (sounds creepy I know) to shoot at stuff and maybe later a tour in my home town and she agreed in an instant.
Or at least “Hmmm yeah sure!” sounded like it.

Now we did this in 10 minutes I guess, I left the reception unguarded and there were still maybe 8 persons at the bar and walking around at that hour (bartender was still there).
Coming back at the desk was a lady waiting there for me. I had that gun in the back of my pants and when I went to ask if she needed assistance, well… the madame was waiting to check out her stay.
I did a check out to a client with a Silverballer in my back. I was so paranoid that some how it was going to fall that one hand was on the computer and the other one checking every 3 seconds if its not falling down.

Also this morning while going to the gym I found Waldo going to snowboard


Damn stalker😏


Mate, there’re so many innuendos here! :smirk:

(Also Geralt, not Gerald)


As I’m reading the story waiting for “Oh my such a big gun you have”. Love your stories!


She told me that she likes it because it’s heavy.

@soundwAve Well he was in front of me. I couldn’t resit to take a photo.


I finally got closer to getting full time on the school I work at, so instead of working 14 hours and getting income maintenance on the side. I finally been upgraded and gotten 30 hours per week. This means I don’t have to get income maintenance from my Union and A-Kasse (A-Kasse will pay a Income Maintance or unemployment benefit) And i’m able to live off my salary alone. So this is a great day and now i’m free of sending out resumes and job applications every week.


Well done, Mads! I lost all of my overtime in January after we took on new staff, went from working 60 hours a week down to 24 now so I know it sucks not getting the hours in. Must feel good man!


Thank you, I’m very glad to finally getting more hours at the school I work at. 60 hours is a lot of time, in Denmark full time is 37 hours. I’m not sure how much it is in your country, but 60 is still a lot. Though 24 isn’t that much either.


I think I just read the plot synopsis for the prequel to “MR. AND MRS. SMITH”! :stuck_out_tongue:


37.5 hours a week is considered full time here.

Congrats on the upgrade!


Same here in Norway, 37,5 hours a week, @Mads47 didn’t Denmark start with 6 work hours a day? Here in Norway it is 7,5 work hours a day.


Good work mads! :slight_smile:

It’s really a bit of a life changer when you go from part time to full time I found, you start to take your career much more seriously.


Recent election in Italy have only one positive thing. It gave me some ideas to work again on a book I started to write some years ago. I hope to be able to complete it this time



I just got a driver’s license, pretty late though but I couldn’t do that while I was in US. :smiley: (Well, considering my grandma got it when she was 45 I’m not late at all.)

Don’t worry, I’m not driving in that pic.


@Lazlow I am now, as you put it, “an immigrant taking over Europe”.