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Damn stalker😏


Mate, there’re so many innuendos here! :smirk:

(Also Geralt, not Gerald)


As I’m reading the story waiting for “Oh my such a big gun you have”. Love your stories!


She told me that she likes it because it’s heavy.

@soundwAve Well he was in front of me. I couldn’t resit to take a photo.


I finally got closer to getting full time on the school I work at, so instead of working 14 hours and getting income maintenance on the side. I finally been upgraded and gotten 30 hours per week. This means I don’t have to get income maintenance from my Union and A-Kasse (A-Kasse will pay a Income Maintance or unemployment benefit) And i’m able to live off my salary alone. So this is a great day and now i’m free of sending out resumes and job applications every week.


Well done, Mads! I lost all of my overtime in January after we took on new staff, went from working 60 hours a week down to 24 now so I know it sucks not getting the hours in. Must feel good man!


Thank you, I’m very glad to finally getting more hours at the school I work at. 60 hours is a lot of time, in Denmark full time is 37 hours. I’m not sure how much it is in your country, but 60 is still a lot. Though 24 isn’t that much either.


I think I just read the plot synopsis for the prequel to “MR. AND MRS. SMITH”! :stuck_out_tongue:


37.5 hours a week is considered full time here.

Congrats on the upgrade!


Same here in Norway, 37,5 hours a week, @Mads47 didn’t Denmark start with 6 work hours a day? Here in Norway it is 7,5 work hours a day.


Good work mads! :slight_smile:

It’s really a bit of a life changer when you go from part time to full time I found, you start to take your career much more seriously.


Recent election in Italy have only one positive thing. It gave me some ideas to work again on a book I started to write some years ago. I hope to be able to complete it this time



I just got a driver’s license, pretty late though but I couldn’t do that while I was in US. :smiley: (Well, considering my grandma got it when she was 45 I’m not late at all.)
Don’t worry, I’m not driving in that pic.


@Speaker I am now, as you put it, “an immigrant taking over Europe”.


Living in Spain now?


Hey! You are back @Supernova :smiley:, have you moved to europe?


@Quinn yes to both of you. I am in Spain.


Welcome to Europe. Hope you like Spain.


International relations. This recent course was a great fit, as it satisfied my strong interests in Europe and the EU.

Edit: Saw snow for the first time as well, and made my first snowball! (Evidence below)



Someone vomited on the bus I was taking to school this morning, and now I’ve just found out some of it got on my shoes, which are white leather. Ah, the public bus. I’ve such…fond memories of ya. Oh wait, I don’t. I fucking hate the bus.