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BKV? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hey guys

I’m trying to learn to speak and write German.

Any tips from fluent German speakers would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’m german, as well as a few other members on HMF. I’m learning English and French for example, and it always helps me to read whole texts to understand the vocabulary in form of their sense and to get a feeling for the structure. I would start learning simple vocabulary and the I, you, he/she/it … for verbs.


Thanks. I’m going to get some books (dictionary and other education texts).


I learned French a while ago, it’s a pretty easy language to learn, it shouldn’t be too hard.


German is a bit more difficult than French. You have to look at some changes when talking about Man, Female, Plural and Genderless words. I tried it for a moment as an extra subject at school (doing it alone) but didn’t exactly like it. I do French btw and I am Dutch (also being taught bilingually)


I can imagine there are some pdf’s online for learning german. I dont think natives can give you much of advice, we were born into it. :grin:


I just lost all of my data on my PS4 Pro. :confused: The PS4 crashed yesterday while I was playing, then there was this Safe Mode thing. So, I followed all the steps to getting back to start up the PS4. After that, I realized that all of my data is gone. Trophies stayed though. I had so many hours into the games, now it’s all gone down and flushed in seconds.


Shit that sucks. I’m no expert, but maybe Sony can help?


It’s too late now. I don’t think they will help.


:grimacing: Sorry to hear that, do as i do, i have this one (i have a 16 GB, but 8 GB should be enough i think):


in my PS4 all the time and i save all game saves to it when i’m done playing the game (s) for the day, you never know when you need a backup :grinning:.


Yeah, I’ll try doing that now. Thanks for the advice.


Oh god that must feel so fucking annoying. I’m sorry for you man. Look into backing up your data from now on,PS4s at the end of the day are machines and sometimes they fail,sadly!


Yes, it is. I’m glad that the trophies at least stayed. Don’t have to go through the trouble of earning them again. I’ll just have to 100% a specific game again, but don’t mind that though, it’s an enjoyable game. As for the rest of games, I won’t have to do too much. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon enough.


I just broke my fucking phone. The last thing I needed right now.
I wanted to use the light to check out something and some how it felt from my hand and landed on the corner. Screen broke.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy urgent a new one with some money my best friend agreed to borrow me. Told him I’ll pay him back in 2 month unfortunately because I have other urgent things to settle.

I had for 3 years a Samsung A5. I think I’ll buy the same but newer version or a I was thinking about a Android Nokia like this which is identical in shape with what I had before. Screen seems even more fragile.


I suggest keep going with Samsung. They are the only phone makers I trust. Well, besides the old and trusty Nokia from 2005.


I want to change. I had them since 2009.
The Omnia 1900 which was shit
Galaxy S2 my favorite so far
Galaxy S3
and A5


It depends. You might go for Huawei. Some are pretty good. Just don’t pick any Windows Phone. They are trash.


Well I bought the Nokia 6 after all. It’s pretty big with what I was used with.
The design is identical with what I had before but bigger. Got to get used with the size. I feel like caring a tv remote control.
Last Nokia I had was I thin in 2006-2008 the 5200


11pm last night, playing Final Fantasy X on my computer, go downstairs to get a drink and close the door behind me. Come back up, use the door handle, and the door won’t open. There is no pressure on the handle, unscrew the handle off the door, the piece of interior metal won’t move.

Call my dad today, he comes up, and uses pliars to try and open the door and fails. However, we realise that part of the door frame blocking the latch could be removed, so we got a screwdriver and hammer, removed part of the frame, and then use a defunct debit card and hammer to force the latch open. So that was fun, and my PC was running FFX paused for something like 16 hours which isn’t good, but seems to be no overheating thankfully.

On the plus side, I started a game of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars last night since I couldn’t sleep, and I’m getting into that game, especially since I’m also super into FFX right now. Maybe once I finish FFX I’ll give FFVI another shot.