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I just broke my fucking phone. The last thing I needed right now.
I wanted to use the light to check out something and some how it felt from my hand and landed on the corner. Screen broke.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy urgent a new one with some money my best friend agreed to borrow me. Told him I’ll pay him back in 2 month unfortunately because I have other urgent things to settle.

I had for 3 years a Samsung A5. I think I’ll buy the same but newer version or a I was thinking about a Android Nokia like this which is identical in shape with what I had before. Screen seems even more fragile.


I suggest keep going with Samsung. They are the only phone makers I trust. Well, besides the old and trusty Nokia from 2005.


I want to change. I had them since 2009.
The Omnia 1900 which was shit
Galaxy S2 my favorite so far
Galaxy S3
and A5


It depends. You might go for Huawei. Some are pretty good. Just don’t pick any Windows Phone. They are trash.


Well I bought the Nokia 6 after all. It’s pretty big with what I was used with.
The design is identical with what I had before but bigger. Got to get used with the size. I feel like caring a tv remote control.
Last Nokia I had was I thin in 2006-2008 the 5200


11pm last night, playing Final Fantasy X on my computer, go downstairs to get a drink and close the door behind me. Come back up, use the door handle, and the door won’t open. There is no pressure on the handle, unscrew the handle off the door, the piece of interior metal won’t move.

Call my dad today, he comes up, and uses pliars to try and open the door and fails. However, we realise that part of the door frame blocking the latch could be removed, so we got a screwdriver and hammer, removed part of the frame, and then use a defunct debit card and hammer to force the latch open. So that was fun, and my PC was running FFX paused for something like 16 hours which isn’t good, but seems to be no overheating thankfully.

On the plus side, I started a game of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars last night since I couldn’t sleep, and I’m getting into that game, especially since I’m also super into FFX right now. Maybe once I finish FFX I’ll give FFVI another shot.


It’s kind of a brick but it’s reliable. Like we say in Mexico, “The phone of the construction worker”. Obviously isn’t as resistant as the old models but still is strong enough.


There were times I had my PC and laptop on for a week. Your computer will be fine. Just don’t do that so constantly.


I promise I won’t accidently lock myself out of my own room constantly.


Hahaha, maybe remove the door all together? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Always carry the spare keys to any important door, or have a lockpick/paper clip for the emergency.


Well sure, but it was just an interior door with no lock. It was hard to access because the door frame was blocking the latch, hence why we had to remove part of it.


At least it wasn’t as bad as locking the door to the bathroom and you having to go.


Haha yeah that would of been bad.


I’m not very happy with it. I’m way more used with Samsung. I needed something urgent and also wanted to change for once. But I guess I’ll go back one day when I will have some extra money to spend just for.
This one costed 230 € and I guess I got what I paid.

Need to get more practical with it. Only problem so far is that the battery seems to be very shitty and I can’t answer phone calls with the home button :frowning: But I can end it with the end button at least


You could get a Samsung Prime pretty cheaply and they are fine phones. Mine’s battery last a full day wihtout trouble. Might have a bit of trouble with memory space but outside that it’s neat.


We used to call Nokia phones “the super condoms” back on my motherland lol.


To be honest, coming from a country where crime and deaths are more common than being able to find milk, I was about to ask the same. Using a crowbar to forcefully remove the hinges is a common thief method. And if you have patience you could do that with a screwdriver too. Locks are a joke if you can just get rid of the thing the lock is holding. I learned that the first time someone just cut a chain instead of trying to deal with the padlock tighting it together to break into a warehouse my family had. And also in a time when someone broke into my uncle’s… and twice when they broke into mine… and three times when they broke into my parking garages… and so on.


They also perform as hammer, throwable weapon, they came with their useful and not too battery consuming flashlight, and had rad call tones. And Snake, don’t forget the wonderful game of Snake!


A client came asking for 2 pillows at the reception. He was about to tell me his room and I anticipated him.
He complimented my memory and I just smiled back and said just “Thank you sir”.

Truth is I remembered his girlfriend’s big wonderful butt :blush: