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Where in Europe are you Watson? How do you like it here?


Not in Europe now. But I was in Germany and Poland.

Personally, I prefer colder weather, although walking along a pitch dark street when it was only 5pm was definitely a new experience for me!





Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait…Is this real?

I mean Ik you are in Washington D.C nut have you really went to Donald Trump’s random ass meetting and showed him the middle finger - CUZ THAT IS SO BADASS OMG YOU ARE SO BRAVE!

Honestly @Quinn for president.

Also don’t you just love his blank ass duck-like stare?


It’s a waxwork sadly. The real Trump would get a double middle finger.


Count me in to get a quantiple! :blush:


Though I don’t disagree with you, it may be wise to keep opinions such as that to ourselves, just in case somebody doesn’t like it…


Nah. Anyone who likes Trump deserves to feel uncomfortable for it.


Why? Why is he so bad?


Are you really asking because


He’s a racist, he’s lazy, he’s extremely stupid. He’s considering pulling troops out of Syria, a mess that needs to be solved. That’s the things that came to my head without having a good think.


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This is off topic


Perfect for the occasion



A 22 year girl I knew very very well died yesterday of overdose. I didn’t believe it and pretty much nobody that knew her did because today is 1st of April. Till we saw the newspaper this morning.

I knew her since she was 14. Was a good friend of my neighbor up stairs.


That is so sad, my condolences & apologies.

I have had something of the sorts happen back in Slovenia, when a 40yr old man (which of everyone knew in the village) became drunk and started climbing the local antenna. You can probably guess what happened next.

It’ sad to see just how quickly life can end sometimes.


What a shame, having to die so young. My condolences.


Yeah, can’t say we were friends. Just talked sometimes. But I knew her and always stopped to chat on the streets when our path crossed.

Unfortunately I can’t say that I care much. It might sound a horrible thing to say. But I’m very sorry for her parents. Must be the most horrible thing on this planet to lose a daughter especially to drugs.


I’m back in England after an 8 day trip to Washington DC. Had a lovely time seeing the sights and visiting friends, and caught up on some much needed sleep. Just in time for April, which is looking like the busiest work month of my life with literally zero days off. Oh the joy.

Here’s a photo of the Capitol building.



Did you do this while in DC?


Why don’t go out and walk around town to clear your ideas? Maybe buy an ice cream and take a sit in your local park and watch the street performers to calm yourself.