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That is so sad, my condolences & apologies.

I have had something of the sorts happen back in Slovenia, when a 40yr old man (which of everyone knew in the village) became drunk and started climbing the local antenna. You can probably guess what happened next.

It’ sad to see just how quickly life can end sometimes.


What a shame, having to die so young. My condolences.


Yeah, can’t say we were friends. Just talked sometimes. But I knew her and always stopped to chat on the streets when our path crossed.

Unfortunately I can’t say that I care much. It might sound a horrible thing to say. But I’m very sorry for her parents. Must be the most horrible thing on this planet to lose a daughter especially to drugs.


I’m back in England after an 8 day trip to Washington DC. Had a lovely time seeing the sights and visiting friends, and caught up on some much needed sleep. Just in time for April, which is looking like the busiest work month of my life with literally zero days off. Oh the joy.

Here’s a photo of the Capitol building.


Did you do this while in DC?


Why don’t go out and walk around town to clear your ideas? Maybe buy an ice cream and take a sit in your local park and watch the street performers to calm yourself.


Long walks at night when nobody is around usually works for me. Try that


Same here. Luckily I’m living in a small village, with a forest near by. It’s very helpful to just walk into the dark, or ride with the bicycle. @rattleshnake Works even better with music. Had to take a lot of such walks lately, unfortunately.


Same do I, my physical health isn’t that great for the moment or for the past month, so i walk often long walks with my dog, at least 4 times a day, fresh air and get out of the house helps :grinning: and I use my bicycle to the grocery store almost every day.


I believe that a dog can be a wonderful companion, especially in these situations. In my case it’s not a physical problem or pain. I already wanted to share everything that happens right now with you all, but every time I have finished writing it, I delete it - I don’t know why. But everything is shit at the moment, luckily it got slightly better, but the problem is still there. Anyways, get well soon!


We got your back whenever you want to vent,buddy. Same goes for you @rattleshnake.
We are all a big happy and supporting family of contract killers!


Uhmm I asked out a girl I never meet but talked sometimes on facebook and she said yes. I have my car at the mechanic and that kinda sucks because I wanted to take her somewhere far away.
But hey, she’s 19 I think. Easily to impress.


oh so you got a lil challenge on your hands eh?

Can’t swoop em up in the beamer for the automatic moisture effect.

LOL gotta use some game on this one.


I think we will hang in a bar talking and getting to know each other. Then maybe a late night walk at the lake


I keep reading your last two posts and thinking you’re a hitman, planning on killing this person. :wink:

Good luck with the luck with the date and /or murder


Okay, could somebody please explain to me why everyone’s memeing mark zuckerburg? I am thoroughly confused


He’s been giving Testimony to Congress for the last 2 days and people are thoroughly amused by how robotic he acts.


Ohh, yeah, I see that



Awww nothing. She cancelled the same day. No actually when I asked for a time she didn’t exactly reply, but told me she will let me know later :smiley: Oh well. Will be some one else the next time.


I think she figured out your plan, so good for her :wink: