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Yay! Another person’s posts who I can read in a heavy scottish accent! :smile:


Ha, if you wish. Although I’m from Edinburgh, so our accents aren’t that heavy compared to the Glaswegians and some of the Highland areas.


Two weeks ago we had snow up to our shins and the last couple of days it’s been 20 degrees and 22 today (71,6F to those of you who lives in the Colonies). It’s an insane difference on just a couple of weeks, tomorrow it’s time for shorts and cold showers!


Evidence disproving global warming.



Was ill the past weeks with some sort of bronchitis, at first i thought it was a common cold, mostly coughing at night, couldn’t properly sleep. Went to a doctor, prescribed some pills and a treatment for me and i think i’m better now.

Just curious, why some of you have changed avatars at the same time? #conspiracy_theory


Firts of, hope you get beary well soon!
Second, it’s because @AGENT4T7 created the HMF day where, for 47 days, you have the pic of a target in the franchise.


Thank you beary much :grin:. Some people told me this cold is tricky when you think is gone it isn’t. Nevertheless i’m seeing a doctor if things get worse.
Ohh i see, failed to notice that common trait. I imagine there’s a thread where you keep record of the days.

Also, forgot to tell that i’m still seeing the 47 number when i look at the watch. :rofl:


Here ya go :slightly_smiling_face:

Even though it started already, feel free to join in if you wish.


I’m just saying if “global warming” is “real” then why was it cold outside? Surely, if climate change was real, wouldn’t it be hot outside?

Checkmate, atheists.



April has been a ridiculously busy month for me. Between my day job and my sound engineering business I’ve had zero days off from work for all of April. I’ve next got a day off on 7th May. I’m going to sit on my arse all day and do absolutely nothing, it’ll be great.

On the plus side, I’m working for someone really big this weekend. I don’t like namedropping as it makes me sound arrogant (and probably pointless when there’s an Oscar nominated director in our community hueh) but I actually get to mix them too, since they are touring without a sound engineer.


Last Saturday I was invited at a wedding of a dear friend of mine.
It was my first time at an Italian wedding and even the first time someone invited me to one.

After the ceremony we went to a Hotel to eat where everything was organized. I stayed till a certain hour because at night I had to work and didn’t slept yet.

I went to thank and say goodbye to everyone I know and kept for last the groom and the bride.
I was kissing on the cheeks the bride while we were hugging and at that moment this very old lady in a chair that I notice before during the ceremony who had a nurse with her in every time said:

(name of the bride) I hope you’re not leaving again with one of your fuck buddies!

I was thinking, did I heard correctly, is this woman her mom? What’s the story behind this.
Her reaction left the impression it happen way too many times.

Bride in a very calm tone: "Nooooo, this is Alex. We know him since he was a kid and we saw him grow"

That lady had a very angry look on her face so out of instinct I backed up the story which is true and with a smile and a small laugh I said mine: "No mam! I grew up with them and they witness my every change. Nothing to worry"

She then calmed down and the bride acted like nothing happen.
I wonder if this lady is under some sort of medicine and doesn’t know what she’s saying or if there is one epic story behind her daughter and some “fuck buddies”.
Once I get te chance to see her again I need to know more :joy:


This is too fucking good to not have to find out what the hell is going on.


I just earned the aficionado badge (come to HMF for 100 consecutive days), and I think it means I need to get some semblance of a life


The Waxwork Trump looks utterly bemused at your one-fingered salute. lol.

Was this at Madame Toussaud’s?


See what happens if you keep ejecting Lazerbeak, Frenzy, Rumble, and Ravage to do all your errands? :stuck_out_tongue:


If only I could give more than one like to this :joy:


Welp,I took a small break from the forum to sort out some personal stuff,but now I’m back on a regular basis!


No shame in loving HMF so much, we also have a devotee badge. :crazy_face:



The meme lord has returned.


Is this a joke?